Advantages of Plastic Door Hangers as Marketing Tools

When people consider what products they can use as marketing tools, custom door hangers are usually not the first thing they think. However, this marketing method may be beneficial. Special events, coupons, holiday sales, major announcements and political information are examples of some of the products you can market by printing on door hangers.

Various industries, like beautification, real estate, dry cleaning, maid services and restaurants are currently using plastic door hangers, as an effective marketing tool. The door hanger is considered to be one of the most favorable and economically efficient marketing tools!

Message to the Customers

People easily ignore many forms of ads. For example, when people see ads on TV, they often change their channel. When they hear advertisements, many people will turn their radio to another station. Although the newspaper advertisement is still widely used, reading newspaper is decreasing today. However, if you use a door hanger, you can make sure your customer receives the message. They need to look and many people will spend time reading it. That’s why this is one of the most effective ways to promote your business.


Customized door hangers have the ability to represent your marketing needs and overall purposes. You can choose color, fonts, images, and graphics as you wish. Creating a customized door hanger is easy and you can present your message in a very unique manner to help grab the attention of your customers.


The plastic door hangers have the great benefit of being extremely flexible. You can promote almost everything, right from seasonal or holiday promotions, to general promotion of your business, door hangers are a perfect and easy way to market your business in a cost-efficient manner.

Market Small Areas

Although any business can benefit from the use of them, plastic door hangers are particularly useful for companies in small areas. You can reach hundreds of people in a short time. Not only is relatively simple, it also has cost effectiveness. Investing in this cheap tool can help you develop your business quickly.

Using the Door Hanger Correctly

Now, how do you use the door hanger correctly? The answer is to keep it simple. From promotion to design, you want to send a clear and direct message to your potential customers. Let them know what you are promoting and how to get involved. You can even include coupons. Coupons are an important motivation for attracting customers and a great way to track your return on investment. After contacting your new potential customer, you can dig deeper into the other services your company can offer.

So, you can see, plastic door hangers are an easy and straightforward marketing tool. Not only that, they are quite effective in promoting your business. Door hangers can’t easily be overlooked and that is the reason several businesses are utilizing this marketing tool to promote their businesses effectively. If you are looking for customized plastic door hangers that would market your business effectively, you can always approach us for the best designs and products.