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11 Smart and Genius Hacks to Shop at Kohl’s

People keep finding ways to discover the best way to shop at Kohl’s. We are those people, with Kohl’s having so many great policies, discounts, sales, promotions and deals there is no reason to sit back at home or cheat on your favorite store with someone else. Since leaving kohl’s is always going to be a regret.

Most of the time people shopping at Kohl’s don’t even know where to begin and where to end as the store is just too exciting and filled with promising products. If you are in the same boat then you need some serious motivation and a bunch of genius hacks to shop at Kohl’s. To start with the first motivation: the Kohl’s 30 off coupon, it is always running and up for grabs.

1.   Kohl’s Coupons

As mentioned before this is the number one and to be honest most effective motivation, the kohl’s coupons are a great way to save hard earned cash and you can be a happy customer if you shop with the right kohl’s coupons. With kohl’s coupons you can save up to 50% or even more if you get lucky.

2.   Annual Sales

Annual sales that happen once a year at Kohl’s are always worth the wait. Especially the black Friday sale, Oh My God! It has the best collection of items and not to mention the discounts and promotions are overwhelming. If you are planning on a big purchase then it is wise to wait for annual sale. TV, washing machines, dishwashers, fridge and all such items are a great deal on these annual days.

3.   Kohl’s Rewards Program

Register for Kohl’s Offers in-store, online, or with the smartphone. Simply reveal your credit card, smart device, or email while paying. Earn 5% back in Kohl’s Cash on every buy every day. You’ll get exclusive Kohl’s coupons and discount codes during the year, in addition to earning prizes for any order. And when you sign up, put you birthday details after all who wants to miss that amazing birthday discount.

4.   Free Shipping

Though it is selective but it is worth it. Through using the Kohl’s kiosk, you can get free delivery from Kohl’s. All Kohl’s kiosk orders provide free delivery, with the exception of certain extra-large or bulky goods, which could be subject to a surcharge. You can stack voucher codes in the same manner as you can online, and you can even receive and reclaim Kohl’s Cash with kiosk orders.

5.   Kohl’s Credit Card

If you spend at least once a month, the Kohl’s credit card is worth considering. When you apply for a Kohl’s charge card, you’ll get a 35 percent discount for your first order. However, you must redeem your one-time discount within one day of receiving your Kohl’s receipt.

6.   Coupon Stacking

The right way to coupon! Kohl’s coupon policy specifies that you can use up to four promo codes per purchase, with a maximum of two if you’re shopping on a mobile device. Don’t forget to search KCL, Kohl’s page, and your nearby Kohl’s weekly ad for Kohl’s coupons.

7.   Price Adjustment

Display the initial receipt and evidence that the item’s price was discounted from the final price you pay if an item you buy goes on sale within 14 days of your order. This price adjustment policy is one happy deal and a great way to make customers happy.

8.   Kohl’s Senior’s Discount

On Wednesdays, whether you’re 60 or older, you can get a 15% discount at Kohl’s in-store. Since this is a site wide discount, you can combine it with other dollar-off discounts but not with other percent-off discounts.

9.   Subscribe to Text Alerts

When you sign up for Kohl’s text messages, you’ll get a 15% off coupon code and notifications about exclusive deals and discounts, just as when you sign up for Kohl’s newsletter.

10. A Full Refund Policy

With bill lookup or a receipt, you will get a full refund up to 180 days after purchase. According to Kohl’s refund policy, if you don’t have a receipt, you’ll get merchandise credit based on a discounted lowest 13-week selling price of the item you have purchased.

11.  Price Matching Policy

If you see a similar product at a cheaper price at another supermarket, you can price match it at Kohl’s by submitting a print copy of a competitor’s local ad indicating the actual price you want Kohl’s to match. Please bear in mind that Kohl’s would not meet competitor’s online rates.

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