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Unseen Feature of Google Chrome

Generally speaking, Google Chrome is only a web browser with the help of which you can take advantage of the Internet, but it is not the only web browser. So what makes it different from other web browsers. What are those features that make Google Chrome grow beyond the web browser, separate it from the crowd. How can it make your Internet surfing experience even better. But yes, if your browser is old, then you must update it.

Top unseen features of Google Chrome everyone not aware

Calculator and Unit Converter

Google Chrome has been created by Google, that is why Google has added some special search features to it like you can use the calculator and unit converter directly from the addressbar of Google Chrome web browser-

If you need a calculator while surfing the internet, then you can only do 2 + 2 or whatever calculation you need to do in the address bar very easily.

It is also a powerful unit converter. It can measure angle, area, currency or currency, energy, fuel consumption, computer memory components such as bits, nibbles, etc. as well as length, temperature, speed, volume and weight over time. Converts many other types of units.

Google chrome file manager extension

If you want to find a file in the computer, then you use Windows Explorer, which is a file manager, with the help of Windows Explorer you are able to organize files from the file folder in the computer and can access them easily, but in Windows its So you have to open My Computer when you can access your drive and folder from there, you can do the same thing directly from Google Chrome. For this, all you have to do is type in the address bar file: /// C: / and enter. You can name any of your drives instead of “C”. See here Full Form of HR here along with other full forms available.

Google Chrome Audio Video Player

Now drag any video or audio file from your computer with the mouse into its addressbar and leave it. Google Chrome can play any video or audio file. That too with video and audio controller.

Google Chrome PDF Reader

If you have a PDF ebook and not a PDF reader, then nothing beats dragging the file with the mouse in Google Chrome to its addressbar and leave it and it will work just like a PDF reader.

Google Chrome Offline Game Dinosau

You may have noticed that when your net is not running, a small dinosaur appears in your Chrome browser. Basically it is a game, don’t have to do much to play it, just press the space bar of your keyboard and get started, ie you can timepass it without internet.

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