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How to setup and install my DLink DAP 1520 device

dId you want to use an internet connection in every dead zone corner of your house? Dlink DAP 1520 can fulfill all your internet requirements. It also comes with dual band technology with 2.4 GHZ and 5GHZ. In this extender you will get multiple features with a wide range. Design in a small size and attractive look. It doesn’t have any ethernet port it can support extender dual-band. One LED indicator is available to show you the status of connection. It will provide you internet speed up to 750 mbps.

It is totally Wi-Fi protected supports WPA,WPA-2. You can easily do d link dap 1520 setup hardly take 2 minutes, Small in size but when you start to use your all doubts will clear. If you are living in a big house, And not getting proper range or reliable connection. It will increase the signal strength. No doubts just need to set up your D-Link DAP-1520 here are some simple methods. You can set up your D-link DAP in two ways: Wi-Fi protected setup, online browsing, or via using a mobile app.

Dlink DAP 1520 setup via mobile app

You can easily setup your D-link DAP 1520 by using a android smartphone or tablet just need to open playstore and install QRS app. If you are also unable to find the app simply scan the QR code available on the device and download it. After downloading open WI-FI settings and searching for nearby Wi-Fi networks. The process of searching, connect with your Wi-FI network by entering the password. After connecting, launch the app.

Simply click on start after then proceed to the next step. Wait for a while until the app will detect the extender and will scan for available networks. Just click on the WI-Fi network which you wish to extend. Now you need to enter the network or SSID name and password for 2.4 GHZ then proceed for another step, set network name or password for 5 GHZ. You can also change the web based configuration login password. Because its not set yet, after changing note it down for later use. Then click on save and reboot your device. Now setup is done a confirmation message will appear on the screen.

Dlink DAP 1520 setup Using WPS

By using WPS (Wifi protected setup) is so secure and easy. Just need to place your extender near to the router and power it on. Simply keep pressing the WPS button available on the lower side of your router for 2 seconds. And prepare your extender for WPS by pressing the button for 2 seconds. Wait for a while after connecting it will start work.

NOTE – The time between pressing the WPS button of both device be not more than 2 minutes. otherwise connection will not establish.

Setup via online browsing –

This method is also too easy to connect your dlink dap 1520 extender to the router. Be sure the extender is in range of the router. Then you need to connect your device to the Wi-Fi network by entering the password. After connecting, Open any browser in address bar type dlinkap.local or the IP Address and search it.

A login page will appear enter”Admin” in password and proceed to login. If you are logging in for the first time, it will automatically redirect you to the setup wizard page. If your connection is successfully established a green color tick mark will appear on the screen. In case X mark will appear then you need to click on “Router” Icon to setup. In this way you can also setup via online web browsing.

Rivews –

Dlink dap 1520 extender is one of the best. That also provides you a high range of network, It is available at a very affordable price. The setup is also too easy. This extender is less with Dual-band technology speed upto 700 mbps, WPA WPA2 security protocols and many more. The size is small like a mobile charge you can easily take it along in travels and can be used to extend the network anywhere. This device is great and also best for home use and small types of business. You can easily purchase this device via an online shopping portal at a discounted price just go for it. This powerful device with an affordable price is not a bad deal.

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