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Benefits of Certified Grass Fed Whey

Whey protein is one of the most studied food supplements in the field of diet and fitness. The consensus is that 100% grass-fed whey protein from certified grass-fed farms in Ireland represents the top shelf of whey protein among the health and wellness community. 

What is whey protein?

The composition of milk protein generally falls into two categories, whey, and casein protein. Whey makes up roughly 20% of this protein and becomes separated from milk during a natural coagulation process during the initial steps of cheese making. With a lukewarm heating source paired with added cultures, milk begins to form into a solid and liquid phase. The liquid phase of the separation is the whey, while the solid separation (curds) is casein. 

There are two types of whey protein products –

  1. High-Quality Grass-Fed Whey
  2. Low-Quality Factory Farm Whey

High-quality grass-fed milk is exceptionally desirable and in high demand by cheese manufacturers to make amazing boutique cheeses and High-Quality Whey

In contrast to high-quality grass-fed whey, low-quality whey stems from surplus milk made in factory farms that undergo a “native” process where milk marked for disposal sells cheaply to the supplement companies. The “native” process includes discarding the remaining milk components.

Authentic Grass-fed whey can only come from a few environments globally capable of supporting year-round grass growth. This livestock is bred on organic pastures and provided what mother nature intended, lush green grasses and silage. As a result, grass-fed whey protein contains more immune-boosting biologically active substances known as phytonutrients.

Certified grass-fed whey protein produced by AGN Roots stems from family-owned farms exclusive to the southeastern coastal grassland of Ireland. Why is this important? Ireland became the first country to nationalize a grass-fed dairy standard in 2019. The Bord Bia standard ensures that all grass-fed labels on dairy products, especially whey protein labeled as “grass-fed,” are checked and verified.

What are the benefits of grass-fed whey protein?

  • 100% Natural: Whey derived from year-round grass-fed cows is naturally free from heavy metals, hormones, and antibiotics that is common with factory farming conditions. As a result, 100% grass-fed whey protein which is very healthy is considered much healthier than “organic” dairy products which only means “organic” grains are used for feed versus natural grasses. 
  • Omega-3 fatty Acids: Whey protein contains omega-three fatty acids, which provide health benefits for your body and brain.
  • Muscle Restoration: In 30 minutes of exercise, consuming a grass-fed whey protein shake can help in the rest and growth of muscle tissue in need of repairs due to fitness or aerobic exercise.
  • Antioxidants: Grass-fed whey protein contains higher concentrations of Cysteine and Glutathione, which are fantastic for fighting free radicals. 
  • Vitamin K: Grass-Fed Dairy products contain healthy levels of Vitamin K2 along with other vitamins and minerals like magnesium and calcium. Vitamins A and E are beneficial to the eyes & bones, along with the immune system.
  • Lactoferrin: Certified grass-fed whey contains immune boosters like antibodies, serum albumin & lactoferrin. Many are other Macro-Nutrientsand their associated benefits are found in AGN Roots Grass-fed Whey. 

AGN Roots Grass-Fed Whey is made through traditional whey making using the best cow breeds such as Friesian-Jersey crosses. The primary goal at AGN Roots  is to produce the best accredited grass-fed whey for athletes everywhere. 

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