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7 Traditional Bulgarian Food for your Menu

The cuisine of Bulgaria is, in a way similar to the cuisines of its surrounding Balkan countries and to that of Turkey and Greece.  However, they put their own Bulgarian twist to their food. This country’s traditional food is famous worldwide for the high quality of vegetables they use and of course, yogurt and the varieties of cheese they use.

Their traditional food is characterized by a typically fresh and hearty feel to it, combined with a symphony of different mild spices. Like most other European countries, many of Bulgaria’s traditional food items revolve around different kinds of meat, the most popular ones being pork, lamb, and chicken.

If you are planning to pay a visit to Bulgaria or order online, here are some of the traditional Bulgarian foods from Serdika Foods that you should definitely consider trying or preparing by yourselves!

List of Traditional Bulgarian Food for your Menu

Shopska Salad

This is a healthy snack option that is made out of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and peppers. To top it off, it is garnished with grated cheese. To make the experience of eating Shopska Salad real, pair it with a shot of Rakia!


This wholesome traditional meal continues to be a popular item on nearly every restaurant’s menu. This dish is similar to meatballs but appears as a triplet of long sausages that are garnished and dressed with cumin. These sausages are generally made out of minced pork and beef or just minced beef and are commonly paired with fries on the side and a jar of beer.         


In simple language, this is a comfort food consisting of a cheese and egg combination made in a clay pot. It is a layered dish that consists of fried onions and peppers on the bottom of the pot. This is then layered with a generous serving of thick Bulgarian cheese and topped with the eggs. This is baked for about 20 minutes and is a whole meal in itself. 

Chushka Burek

This is the perfect dish for all the vegetarians out there. This consists of long red peppers that are generally filled with eggs and white cheese. This is fried and then served in a tomato sauce base. For all the meat lovers, the fried peppers can alternatively be filled with rice and minced meat.


This is probably one of Bulgaria’s most popularly known desserts all over the world. Baklava is a rich and crumbly dessert that is made of layers of filo. These layers are filled with chopped walnuts and kept together using honey or sugar syrup. This makes it a sticky but nonetheless a wonderful explosion of sweetness.

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This is also another traditional Bulgarian dish that is still quite prevalent. It is a pastry-like dessert that is typically eaten for breakfast. However, there also exist savory versions of this pastry and this can either be baked or fried. This dish suits even the needs of those calorie counters! The filling for this versatile dessert can be customized and range from white or feta cheese, yogurt and sweet milk to eggs and spinach.

Garash Cake

This is a less famous traditional Bulgarian Dish that is just as delicious as all others.  This is a luscious walnut and chocolate combination cake consisting of five layers that are each 2 mm in thickness. These layers are baked separately and then stacked up to make a cake. This is then topped with a delicious frosting that is made out of chocolate and sweet cream.

Bulgarian traditional food is known for its flavor explosion and wholesomeness. It has plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, but not as many vegan options.  A productive day doesn’t seem likely after eating such heavy and comforting foods!  

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