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Home Entertainment Katy Perry Falls On ‘American Idol’ In ‘Little Mermaid’ Costume: Photo –...

Katy Perry Falls On ‘American Idol’ In ‘Little Mermaid’ Costume: Photo – Hollywood Life

Image Credit: ABC

Fins take some getting used to! Katy Perry went all-out for her Little Mermaid costume for American Idol’s Disney Night on May 1. She transformed into Ariel, complete with the red hair, purple seashell bikini top, and green mermaid tail.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry fell out of her chair during Disney Night. (ABC)

Katy had to be rolled out onto the stage by judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. Ryan Seacrest had to help Luke and Lionel get Katy down to the judges’ table. They got Katy to her chair, and she nearly fell trying to get into the seat. She managed to hop into the chair before showing off her tail on the judges’ table.

“I’m so surprised you dressed up tonight, Katy,” Ryan quipped. Luke and Lionel were talking to Ryan about the “mermaid slime” on their hands when Katy fell out of her chair off camera. A worried Ryan rushed to the judges’ table to help Katy up. “Are you alright?” Ryan asked the singer.

Luke was laughing at Katy, who was a good sport about her latest tumble. Ryan, Luke, and Lionel got Katy back into her seat. She didn’t sweat her fall whatsoever. The audience began chanting Katy’s name after she was settled again.

This little stumble wasn’t the first time Katy has faced off against the floor on American Idol. After Noah Thompson performed her ex John Mayer’s song on the show, Katy slid to the floor. “Noah, I feel like maybe you should Wikipedia me,” Katy said. “I’m triggered!”

Katy Perry
Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan helped Katy Perry after she fell. (ABC)

Every time there’s a Disney Night on American Idol, Katy can’t resist going full throttle with her costumes. Over the years, Katy has dressed up as Ursula, Mrs. Jumbo, Snow White, and Tinker Bell. During Disney Night, the top 10 hit the stage to sing some of Disney’s biggest hits. Following Disney Night, American Idol will be blessing us with an incredible American Idol reunion on May 2. Past winners and judges from the show will reunite to honor the show’s 20th anniversary.

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