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How to Create a Movie: The Basics Explained

It has been said, “everyone has a book in them.” With the relative ease of acquiring equipment and the strange desire of people to be fools for their friends, we’re rapidly approaching the point where this saying could also be true for films.

Not that creating a book or a movie is a particularly easy or straightforward process. With a book, it is ‘write until the story’s told.’ When it comes to how to create a movie, there are more steps, and usually, more people involved.

Fortunately, with a little know-how, it’s something any aspiring auteur can achieve.

Before you fall too far down the question whole, let’s take a look at the essential basics for movie creation.

How to Create a Movie

Before you start into the listicle it’s best to confront the overwhelming importance of item zero: your budget.

Budget underpins every step of a film, even if you make everything yourself your time and attention becomes your budget.

Remember, shooting a movie is a process. That process can sometimes be more interesting than the film it produces. Enjoy the journey and take notes for next time!


A movie tells a story, even if it is abstract or departs from the traditional. For your purposes, a script needs to do two things: be filmable and fit in your budget.

A good script can make up for a lot of other production downgrades. It also can be modified on the fly as production demands.

Crew and Equipment

Someone needs to do all of the behind-the-camera work to make a film.

A clever crew that knows what to do can make magic. Tapping into practical people who get things done is important to bolster the creative types.

When it comes to equipment, you don’t have to buy everything. Crew members, depending on your hiring budget, may come with equipment. Otherwise, you can always rent equipment to cut down on your overhead. For tips on renting filmmaking gear and savings, read more here.

Actors and Casting

Somebody has to appear on camera and those people need to meet a bare minimum of believability.

Before posting casting calls and sorting through headshots and auditions, consider what you want for each role and what you’ll settle for.

Low expectations allow for more magic to happen on screen. Build your production up rather than tumbling from unrealistic expectations.

Production Bible

This master document, built of your budget, script, crew and actor schedules, streamlines the production into daily, bite-sized chunks.

A production bible keeps all the disparate elements in check so that they can become a cohesive whole.


At some point, you finish filming and need to construct a workable, final product. Many films come together in the editing phase.

This is another place where it’s easy to outsource. Otherwise, focus on color tempo and keeping the shots that work for the cut, not the shots you remember fondly from the day.


Finally, anyone who wants to learn how to create a movie needs the courage of their convictions. It’s not an easy process and there are plenty of opportunities to cut and run. Stick with it and see your vision come to life.

For more tips and overviews like this, check out our other offerings.

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