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Benefits of Watching Movies Over Reading Books

Book reading is an important thing and though the title may suggest that, we are not here to downplay its value. But when you compare book reading to watching films, you can see there are plenty of clear advantages of watching movies based on books or in general.

In this article, we will discuss with you some of the main benefits of watching films on streaming sites like Netflix, kiss cartoon, etc., over book reading. After reading the whole thing you will have a pretty good idea about why we believe movie watching is more fun, so stick with us.

Let’s take a look into what makes movies a better choice than reading a book in your free time.

  1. It is Less Time Consuming

If you choose to read a book instead of watching a movie based on the same material, it will take you a long time to read through it all. On the other hand, a movie is over in two or three hours.

The reason is that movies don’t include unnecessary information and they keep things relevant yet interesting. You can never read a whole book in one sitting and that is why movies are a better option.

  1. It is Cheaper

You can either buy books from a book store or download the pdf online, but they will probably cost you way more. Often for the price of a few books, you can get a subscription to a whole streaming site and get access to thousands of movies and shows.

There is also an option of free streaming sites and torrenting for the films which allow you to watch any movie you want.

  1. It is Convenient

Reading a book requires you to sit at a certain angle and use the proper lighting. Sitting in the same position to finish reading your book for a long time puts strain on your neck muscles and affects your eyesight.

On the other hand, you can watch a movie anywhere you want, even in your bed without any lighting. And since it is over soon, it doesn’t pose any serious risks to your health.

  1. Easy Recollection

It is much easier to remember the stuff that happened in a film than in a book. The reason is the visualisation. You can easily remember what you watched as compared to what you read.

You understand each line clearly and sometimes even find out the details which are often ignored while reading a book.

This way watching films played by your favourite actors stays in your mind longer and you are better able to discuss them with others.

  1. Movie watching Can Be a Social Activity

Unlike movies, books cannot be enjoyed as a group. Yes, there are book clubs and seminars that are held to encourage book reading but in itself, reading is done on your own.

On the other hand, you can watch films together with your family or friends at your home on sites like Movierulz, or the nearby local cinema. This makes movies a more social activity than book reading.

You can watch any movie as a group and see for yourself that it instantly feels more interesting and fun plus you get to spend time with the people you love.

  1. Movies Have Music

This is another great perk of watching films. The background music in each scene and the theme songs of various characters make everything more enjoyable. Book reading is done in total silence which sometimes feels a bit dull.

Some people tend to listen to classical music while reading but most people find that distracting and thus tend towards films instead.

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Final Words

We hope that we have made things a bit clear for you regarding the benefits of watching films over reading books. Remember that if you love reading and you are a books enthusiast, then by all means do it since there is no serious harm in it.

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But if you find readying hard or boring, or you are someone who doesn’t have much time on their hands to read an entire book, we suggest you go for movies instead. We hope that we have helped here and stay tuned for more exciting stuff like this.

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