Why Is an Online Test Proctor Important for Student Success?

Student Success

6.9 million students in the USA take at least one online class. This number is expected to increase within the next few years.

One of the latest features of online learning is the introduction of an online test proctor. This is where an examiner remotely monitors students who are doing an exam from a remote location.

But does online proctoring improve student success? Read on to find out.

Levels the Testing Field

An online test proctor creates an environment where all students are equal. Since dishonesty and cheating cease to exist, students must work hard to pass the exams.

It also means that students have confidence in the testing methods. They will not cry foul if they don’t get the best grades. Ultimately, this works to strengthen the institution’s academic reputation.

Makes It Easier to Know Student Test-Taking Habits

The online proctored exam provides a wealth of information about students’ behavior. Instructors can use this information when trying to analyze students’ behaviors. As a result, they may identify some crucial patterns.

The identified patterns will come in handy when preparing for future online tests. As a result, the examination environment will improve to enhance student success.

Increases the Accessibility of Examinations

Online proctoring software can work on mobile phones, laptops, and desktops. The accessibility means that students can do their exams from anywhere. It’s also possible to integrate the proctoring software with the existing online education materials.

The software itself is highly flexible. Instructors can modify the exam duration or dates. For instance, a student can go to the bathroom when the exam is going on. The instructor will be able to give these students extra minutes to complete their exams.

Eliminates Administrative Burden

More and more testing centers are implementing online proctoring services. This software replaces the in-person proctoring. Consequently, the testing center will save a lot of money.

The extra money can be channeled towards improving the student experience. Scheduling examinations also becomes easier for students and instructors.

Simplifies the Process of Student Verification

An online test proctor ensures that students are who they say they are. In fact, some educational programs legally require the verification of student ID.

The student will only have to sign in to the online system. Once they sign in, the software will record their ID together with their photograph. This ensures that the students who sit for the exam will get accreditation.

Makes It Easy to Customize and Set Up Exams

Instructors will have an easy time customizing and setting up exams. Since the software operates online in its entirety, the instructors will be able to activate the features from a remote location.

Some of the things that they can also do include:

● Scan the room
● Activate browser Guard
● Record the screen
● Disable printing
● Record webcam

In addition, examiners will easily review the examination results in the online portal. In some instances, they can choose which features to deactivate as the exam progresses.

Get Value by Investing in the Right Online Test Proctor

Online learning continues to revolutionize education. Students and instructors can now take part in an exam from the comfort of their homes.

An online test proctor is a great tool when it comes to doing exams. It deters exam cheating while providing better efficiency.