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What Can Kidzania Teach Children about Healthcare?

While the healthcare system is one of the basic necessities of any society, the children have a mixed reaction towards it due to their limited knowledge. Some get scared even at the mention of a doctor or hospital, while others are inspired and intrigued to role play doctors, paramedics and other health care responsibilities. Whatever, the case the children do want to learn and explore this field of society.

During a hospital visit, they can only grab limited knowledge and exposure, which does not offer them a realistic point of view. The kids’ city in Dubai, Kidzania, has established a proper health care system too, which is a perfect opportunity for children to view and experience various roles and responsibilities of health professionals.

Give a detailed read to this article to learn what Kidzania can teach children about healthcare.

Top 7 Healthcare Roles Children Can Learn at Kidzania

If your child is interested in the health care field, digital knowledge will only provide a distant exposure. On the other hand, taking your children to hospitals or clinics will only increase the danger of contracting germs and diseases. So, the perfect option is visiting Kidzania, which is full of learning and experiencing opportunities, and your child can learn a lot about the healthcare profession there.

Here are the major health care roles children can learn and practice at Kidzania.


Surgeons are more frequently shown in the movies and serials nowadays. So, if children grasp a little of glimpse of them, it is bound to make them stop and watch. Kidzania is the place where children can adopt the role of surgeons and operate dummy patients too. Many parents get Kidzania Dubai tickets online to provide this opportunity of role-playing surgeons in a realistic yet safe environment for their children.


The second most common role children know about the healthcare profession is that of nurses. They also fear them the most as nurses often give them injections. Still, a lot of children are fascinated by nurses and want to play their role of looking after the patients and taking care of their health conditions. This is an important role that children can experience at Kidzania.


One of the most critical roles in the healthcare profession is that of the paramedics. Paramedics are the ones that handle emergencies. It consists of while team which includes doctors, nurses and other professionals. The main goal is to provide first aid and emergency care which can include surgeries to save the life of patients in an emergency. Your child can learn the role and responsibilities in great detail by visiting Kidzania.


Another critical healthcare role children can learn at Kidzania is that of the dentist. Children face teeth and gum problems quite frequently and fear visiting the dentists too. However, taking your child to Kidzania and letting them explore the role and responsibilities of dentists will help them acknowledge their importance and the mighty work they do. Who knows, it will inspire your child to become a dentist too!


If your child is interested in experimenting, then a scientist would be a perfect role for him and her. Many children think that scientists only explore the wonders of the earth; however, that is not true. Scientists are the researchers who are the need of every profession and are present there too. Visiting Kidzania with your children will help them explore the role of scientists in the health care profession and how they contribute to the overall wellbeing of society.

Infection Control

Another critical role your children can learn about the health care profession at Kidzania is that of infection control. Now that the children of this era have seen a pandemic, they have a fair idea of how infectious diseases work. By visiting the facility and experiencing the role, children can learn more deeply about how the situation can be controlled from turning into the worst.

Pediatric Care

Lastly, the most significant healthcare role children can learn at Kidzania is pediatric care. Your child can learn that the care needs of adults and children are varied, as children and specifical infants cannot describe their illness properly. If your child is interested in health care or treating younger siblings, get Kidzania tickets and let them explore the dynamics of the profession in detail.

Visit Kidzania to help your child grasp the details of the healthcare system!

If your child dreams about becoming a part of the healthcare profession as an adult, you can support their passion in numerous other ways apart from encouraging them to study hard. One of the best ways is visiting Kidzania that will help them explore the details in great depth and decide their course in life. So, book your tickets now and plan the visit to shape the future of your child.

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