How To Draw A Wagon? Step-By-Step Instructions

How To Draw A Wagon

How To Draw A Wagon

How to draw a wagon called a car to transport large amounts of cargo. They are used for long-distance transportation. Role transport is quite easy and very exciting. Beginning artists may be wondering how to draw a wagon. More of these issues are dealt with in this article.


The first thing is to determine the materials. An experienced artist can paint everything at hand. Beginner, of course, it is better to opt for thick paper, in pencil or colored pencils. Also on the paper can be useful ruler, eraser, watercolor, or gouache.

Before you draw any real thing, it makes sense to look at it live or in photographs. This will allow us to see specific details and nuances. For example, when determining how to draw a truck. You should give consideration to the resulting characteristics of this transport:

  • The truck can be a trailer, and may not be limited to a driver’s cab.
  • Cabins, trailers, wheels, and everything else – the biggest because of the van transporting heavy and large cargo.
  • On wagon wheels More than a normal passenger vehicle (sometimes 3 or 4 pairs).
  • The fuel tank is usually located immediately behind the cab.
  • Most often, these machines have a bright color – to stand out and attract attention on the road.


Analyzing the question of how to draw a pencil wagon stage, on their own, you can see the difficulty. Therefore it is more beneficial to concentrate on established steps:

  • Outline box (cab).
  • Outline rectangle (body).
  • Draw the side window on the cab and the driver’s door.
  • To determine the location of the wheel – one in the middle of the cabin, two – near the rear edge of the trailer.
  • Sketch the front and rear bumpers.
  • Find a place for fuel tanks.
  • Add detail – the door handle, sun canopy, cab, wheels and openings on the wheels, headlights, and parking lights.
  • Erase the eraser extra line construction.


Considering how to draw a truck, you might think that it is very easy. However, you can not dwell on the schematic image, the truck must be supplemented with details and give it volume. The simplest – is to put drawing ideas or writing on the tarp-covered with a trailer. This opens up room for imagination and creativity. Bringing the figure to realism, it is possible to focus on the mud stains all over the surface of the wagon. It is also possible to represent warning signs, sketch the driver. In addition, the exhaust pipe can keep the smoke, and from the headlights of the incident light.

When the question of how to draw a wagon, almost settled, it is necessary to give the object and the total volume and space. To bulk freight wagon look, you need to place yourself and drop shadows. It is also necessary to make at least a sketch of the ground or road markings near the wheel. In the background, you can map out the forest, the trees, the skies of clouds, or other machines (it is better to play the role in the light path). Thus, it becomes clear how a pencil to draw a wagon (trailer). The figure turns lively and full of detail.