Are Science Subjects Challenging To Learn?

Through learning, one can acquire knowledge, behaviour, attitudes, values etc. Subject knowledge is different from this. Every subject has its own way to learn and understand. It depends on the structure of the content and how well you are thorough with the particular instance.  So when it comes to academic subjects, science is easy and, at the same time, can be difficult.

The science subjects are physics, chemistry and biology. Understanding the concepts thoroughly and implementing them is a significant criterion for scoring good marks. There are many ways other than textbooks you can refer to. BYJU’S solved question answer papers are one of the best study materials you can refer to. Question banks comprising physics, biology and chemistry questions are available for further reference.

Tips for scoring good marks in science subjects

Here are some efficient and vital tips and tricks to score good marks in science subjects.

Active listening and participation in classroom

School is our second home. We study a lot of things in our classroom. The first and foremost important tip is active listening and participation in the classroom that enhances conceptual understanding. Listening is one of the skilled abilities of the students. Students those are having good listening skills will have great grasping power.

Effective reading and learning

Reading makes a man wise. This is 100% true. A man with knowledge and a man without knowledge has a huge difference in society. If a student is rich in knowledge will be successful in every field. To acquire this, one should read books. Here, reading lessons and concepts are important for a student to gain good marks in examinations. Effective reading and learning skills must be watered daily in your brain.

Avoid postponing the chapters.

The main problem arises when we fail to study the chapters, which are challenging. Prepare a timetable before the preparation and mark your subjects accordingly with the chapters. Don’t try to push back or postpone the topics that you are feeling complex to study. This will make you lazy as well as last-minute stress.

Make notes

Every science subject needs a special note to write specific facts, rules, theorems, laws, formulas etc. So apart from the class note, prepare a small short note on each subject for each chapter. Writing notes will assist your brain in remembering them for longer. For each subject, make notes, and this will work for last-minute revising as well.

Don’t forget about your health.

Health is also more crucial at the time of examination. Students may have dehydration, stress issues and so on. Invest some time for health as well. Do exercise, yoga, medication as per your interest. Maintain a balanced diet. Avoid having junk foods. Drink water and have at least 8 hours of sleep

Subject wise revision

After completing the subject wise revision is a very much needed factor.


Make notes on equations and their names. The chemistry subject is mainly about acids bases and the periodic tables.  Make your easy way to study the periodic table.


Biology is a subject having more diagrams and laws related to evolution. In this subject, you can concentrate more on labelling the parts of a plant and other charts like respiratory system, human brain etc.


In physics, formulas and law’s will be more. Focus on those areas more and make short notes. For example, Newton’s laws of motion and its applications, series and parallel combinations of resistances, reflection, and refraction. Diagrams must be drawn twice, and learn the parts by labelling them on your own. For revision, you can make use of BYJU’S solved physics questions and answers for all the classes. Apart from these tips, one should always be determined and pay attention to what you are doing and what you are going to do. Students should not take stress by themselves by thinking of getting good marks, particularly thinking of others. Add some good habits and adjustments first then you will achieve success everywhere.