Why It’s Important To Get Termite Inspection in Adelaide


Once you start considering getting a building inspection Adelaide service, there are a few things that you have to be aware of. The first one is that pest inspections Adelaide services are almost mandatory to be done to maintain the structure of the property’s safety. Therefore, it is important to have a pest and termite inspection report that states the current pest and termite activity in the house prior to taking a commercial action on it, such as buying or selling it. It is of great importance to have physical proof that documents any termite or pest problems in the house, so you can avoid any legal obligations after the house is sold or bought. Moreover, the report will come in handy when you are negotiating the price of the house. Let alone, understanding the actual state of the building to avoid any safety issues.

Therefore, ensure getting detailed pest inspections Adelaide report, like the one that One stop Inspections’ experts provide.

Our experts trace termite and pest activity in:


The roof is one of the places that some inspectors miss, or as a matter of fact, ignore during their work. Our experts however, know that you would not prefer finding sudden pest or termite surprise unfolding, months after making the deal. Therefore, they conduct a thorough examination of the roofs and ceilings, just to make sure that everything is going fine, and document their findings in the inspection report. By then, you can use the report to estimate probable fixes and maintenance for the future.

Floors and Walls

You could inspect the walls and floors for pests and termite activity yourself, should not be hard right? However, we do say that with confidence; you will not be able to do it as professionally as our termite inspection Adelaide experts. Most of the time, the structural damage is invisible. Our pest inspections Adelaide professionals use specific tech in their inspection process, in order to detect the hidden damages caused by termite within the walls.

Under seemingly good floors/walls, there could be damages that may cause future troubles. Therefore, when it comes to solving pest or termite problems, the earlier the better.


Surely the most important aspect to be checked for termites and pest activity, is the foundation of the property. Firstly, to make sure that the foundation is intact, and secondly to inspect for any pest or termite activity in the structure. You might find termite and pest problems that appear to be trivial at the time, but if left unattended, they will grow and cause considerable harm to the foundation of the building.

The two essential aspects that our termite inspection Adelaide services examine comprehensively

These are essential parts during the pest and termite inspection that should be thoroughly inspected, and should never be inspected carelessly. Therefore, ensure that the right company will examine these aspects thoroughly.

Ventilation and drainage systems

If these systems are not functioning optimally, or prone to developing future pest or termite damages, then you might have twice the amount of risk. Initially, you are going to have to spend a lot of money on repairs. Not only you will have to fix these damages, but also you will have to fix and maintain any other aspects of the building that were affected by them. And secondly, when it comes to drainage specifically, low hygiene levels increase the chances of pest and termite infestation. Keep your health by hiring Onestop’s pest inspections Adelaide services.

Utility systems.

The house’s utility systems should as well get examination with immense attention. Be aware that the visible wellness of the utility systems that you might perceive initially could be false. There could be considerable harm that the initial glimpse does not unpack. However, if you leave this harm unattended, it may cause significant issues in the future. So, ensure to hire our termite inspection Adelaide experts to give you the thorough inspection that you require.

What our termite inspection Adelaide offer?

You should know the advantages that our pest inspections Adelaide services offer. Not only, you will save yourself efforts and expenses of doing future repairs, but also you will be able to:

Find out the repair costs

Most importantly, our termite inspection Adelaide experts will offer you an accurate idea of how much the expenses and maintenance of the house will cost you. Having recognized the current pest and termite’s activity in your house. You will be able to estimate the amount you will need to spend to repair everything. Moreover, implement contingency plans to avoid any future risks. Furthermore, you will get to use the report handed to you by our professionals, in the negotiations for the house.

Negotiate a fair amount before you buy

If you are looking forward to paying/receiving a decent price for house, then you will need to invest some effort and time into it. However, on the bright side, you will effectively examine the condition of the house. If you consider our pest inspections Adelaide as an investment. It will help you save tenfold more money than what you could have potentially paid for repairs and fixes.

Ensure Your Safety

The most important advantage is Your safety. Our termite inspection Adelaide services will guarantee that you will not have any future problems. That may risk your health or your family’s. Even, on the off chance that our pest inspections Adelaide services did not find any potential problems. You will have the inner peace that you should have when you are entering your new home. Find out more here