Which Angel Number is Considered the Luckiest?


Around three to five million Americans believe in New Age Science, which includes the symbolism behind angel numbers.

Angel numbers show us that synchronicity exists in the world, and we should note how often they reoccur, especially when we’re searching for answers. But no two angel numbers are created equal, so it’s important to know which one reigns supreme. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you want to learn the luckiest angel number, but you can’t find the answer.

Sounds like you? No worries; we’ve got you! Here’s the answer to “what angel number is the luckiest?”

What Is an Angel Number?

Before diving into the lucky numbers, it’s important to dive into angel number meanings. Know, that these are numbers that appear in groups of three, whether it’s when you’ve noticed numbers in the Bible or on a cheque.

Angel numbers are considered divine guidance and arise when we most need them. For instance, if you’re about to start a new job and you look up at a clock that says 11:11, it means you’re ready to welcome a shift in your life.

The Luckiest Angel Number

Anyone searching for a lucky number should go with the 888 angel number. The 8 meaning is that you have a connection with the spiritual universe and are likely receiving support from loved ones who have passed. You’ll notice that the figure “8” refers to infinity and shows that whatever you’ve been manifesting is coming.

Also, the number 8 meaning includes abundance and prosperity in every aspect of your life. So, take a moment to thank the spiritual world for gifting you this sign and proving that your life is filled with positivity and light.

Although it’s the most potent out of all the lucky numbers, there are other ones to take on board. A popular one is 222 or 2222, which suggests balance and alignment. This means you’re on the path toward your dreams, so keep putting in the work and have faith.

Or, you may notice 333 reappearing in your daily life. Three conveys creativity, so it means you’ll have a future opportunity that will help you explore and benefit from your natural talents. Plus, it means you must trust your process and lean into your innate gifts.

Further, 444 or 4444 symbolizes stability. You don’t always need to move forward in life; rather, this lucky number encourages you to ground yourself and build an infrastructure that is built to last.

If life becomes chaotic, you’ll likely see 555 or 5555. This is a reminder that regardless of the pain you’re suffering, it is a transition that will help you return to the right path.

Which Angel Number Is the Luckiest?

Hopefully, you now know what the luckiest angel number is.

Although 888 is the luckiest one, there are other great ones to consider, such as 1111 or 333, as a gentle reminder you’re on the right path. It’s also important to look out for ones like 555, which reassures you that not all change is bad.

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