What Are the Different Types of Grave Headstones That Exist Today?


Don’t act so grave. More than 2.85 million Americans died in 2019. Yet their memories remain amongst the living thanks to gravestones.

A grave headstone is a great way to acknowledge someone’s life and personality. But it can be hard to sort through the different types of grave headstones and find the right one.

What are the most popular headstones? What details can they contain? How can a person customize a stone to show off their personality?

Answer these questions and you can find a great memorial for a loved one in little time. Here is your quick guide.

Upright Headstones

Upright headstones are the most common kind of headstones in the death care industry. A tablet with a person’s details sits on top of a base. The tablet may contain the details of one or more people, depending on who is buried underneath the stone.

There are a few stylistic choices that a person can make for their stone. They can choose to add additional details like etchings of mountains to the stone. They can also ask for a vase to sit on the base of their stone.

Slant Stones

As the name suggests, slant stones are slanted. This can make the details on the stones easier to read.

A stone may have a slant in the front while being vertical in the back. This creates stability so the stone does not need a base for support. A person can add photographs, artworks, and epitaphs at low prices to stones.

Flat Stones

Flat stones are the simplest stones on the market. They are flat tablets that lie on the ground. Some of them lie directly on the grass, while others lie on a concrete slab.

Flat stones are good for non-conventional types of burial. A family can select one for an area where they have sprinkled someone’s ashes. A wholesale monument company can produce a flat stone within a few hours.


A bench headstone is a bench that contains biographical details of a deceased person. It is a good option if visiting family members have poor mobility and need to sit down. It is also good if the surrounding environment is beautiful.

Someone can select a few kinds of benches. Arm benches and pedestal benches are most common. But a person can choose to have a park bench or attach a monument to their bench.

The Best Types of Grave Headstones

Go to any cemetery, and you will find several types of grave headstones. Many stones are upright, with tablets that describe a person’s life. Yet slant stones are also popular, as they make details easy to see.

Flat stones lie on the ground. They use fewer resources, so they can be cheap. They are good for cremations in addition to burials.

Bench headstones allow family members to relax. A person can customize the stone by adding a tablet to it.

Headstones are one tool for memorialization after someone has died. Read more memorialization guides by following our coverage.