Top SEO Trends for 2020


With all businesses shifting to the digital side, SEO has become more important than ever. All we can possibly think of buying, all products and services are mostly available online these days. Everything has been put just a touch away. This is great because it makes it easier to reach your customers and they find it easier to fulfill their needs without much effort and time. From cosmetics to electronics, we have got everything on the internet.

However, getting your presence known online is not that easy of a process. It requires time, creativity and the right decision to get your brand where it wishes to be. How do you get your website to show up in top results in search engines? How do you increase the traffic on your website? How to increase your conversion rate? Well, it is possible through search engine optimization. But, what is search engine optimization?

SEO services help you get your website ranking up and increases its visibility on search engines. That is why it has become a part of all businesses, from real estate SEO to healthcare SEO.  It helps in increasing the number of traffic coming to your website as well as the quality of it, as more potential clients end up on your website. It helps in generating organic, unpaid traffic for your website. It is effective and necessary for every website if they want to see visible positive results without getting paid traffic.

SEO techniques change over time. What SEO services can websites expect this year? What can we expect to see in 2020? Keep reading to get to know more about the latest SEO trends.

Trends you can’t ignore

SERPs will get more united

SERPs no longer function the same way they used to a few years ago. We need to be aware and ready to embrace these changes. Some apparent changes are an increase in ad share, a new carousel for videos, People also ask feature has been gaining importance. This has shown a decrease in organic clicks, making SEO even tougher. For that reason, you need to think out of the answer box and use long-tail keywords.

Keyword research gaining importance

These play a primary factor in ranking algorithms, even more so now as competition is larger than ever. For example, in SEO for real estate agents, you need to use keywords relevant to real estate topics. It is the foundation of SEO strategy. Here are some tips you can use to up your keyword game:

  1. Use a good mix of tools to make your keywords list such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Answer The Public, and UberSuggest.
  2. Think of topics when thinking about your secondary keywords, add these into the search box on Google and Youtube, and observe the hits.
  3. Try to find keywords that result in numerous clicks

Bring in the influencers

Engagement metrics tell us about the effectiveness of your content. Engaging content will increase return visits to your website as well as dwell time and interaction on your page. Influencer endorsements get your name out there among people and also make them trust your brand more. This will lead to higher social interaction and engagement for your page. Better engagement metrics will make Google trust your brand more and improve its ranking.

Voice search optimization

2020 is likely to see a surge in voice-based shopping that is high time for us to prioritize voice search optimization. Statistics show that 55% of teenagers are using voice search on a daily basis. It is important to identify trigger words in voice searches so you can optimize accordingly.

Visual content is essential to your SEO strategy

Video marketing is going to gain a lot of importance over time. The preference for visual content is understandable. Online video consumption is set to see steady growth this year. Visual content is easier to learn and understand for people, it makes it easier for them to feel a connection with the brand. Use engaging thumbnail for your video, use relevant tags, optimize title and description, and add proper captions.

Focus on the EAT principle

What is the EAT principle? ‘E’ stands for expertise, you need to put out quality content on your website written by a writing expert. ‘A’ stands for authority, you need to show that you have full knowledge and command of your field. ‘T’ stands for trust, your site needs a link from other websites sending traffic in your direction, making people trust you more.

What to expect?

Well definitely expect some neck to neck competition to makes your place in the online world. However, if you keep hard at work on your SEO process as well as in touch with the latest trends you will soon find yourself getting ahead of others.