The VFX Chaos! Does It Even Matter For Shah Rukh Khan Starrer? Yes & No, Here’s Why!



Pathaan VS Adipurush: The VFX Chaos! Does It Even Matter For Shah Rukh Khan Starrer?
Pathaan VS Adipurush: The VFX Chaos! Does It Even Matter For Shah Rukh Khan Starrer? ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Since Adipurush made everyone unintentionally cringe over the graphics in its teaser, the ‘VFX’ discussion is gaining steam among the different fan clubs & one such debate is going around Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan as well. During films like Tiger Zinda Hai, War people didn’t talk in such quantity about the quality of graphics of those films.

Earlier, the discussions & debates used to be about how beautiful a film would look but nowadays we’re talking about how the graphics are making films look. Prabhas‘ Adipurush might be a trendsetter for this but every film from now will undergo extra scrutiny adding an extra layer of criticism of ‘VFX quality check’.

Pathaan teaser is beautifully packaged, how? Did you notice how the pace of the teaser especially in the action sequences goes from 1x to 1.25x? It’s a 1.25 minutes video with the material equivalent of 30 seconds. The action sequences gear up the pace to create an illusion of how everything looks beautiful & it’s fine, many films do this to achieve visual appeal.

Because, once you get in a theatre to watch this, you will anyway won’t have the remote to pause and notice the mistakes in its visual effects. As long your eye will take to capture the mistake & process it, the scene would’ve progressed feeding your brain some more information that might be polished well.

Then, why can’t we say the same for every other film? Prabhas’ Adipurush for example. After watching Pathaan’s teaser watch Adipurush‘s teaser and see how it’s doing exactly the opposite of Pathaan, by making you feel like you’re watching the video at 0.75x speed. Everything is so slow & that enhances the crappy work done on the VFX. It fails to create the illusion that Pathaan does & hence everything is just in your face.

The slo-mo walk, the slo-mo flying on a dragon everything is slo-mo (Slobby Monstrosity) in Adipurush’s teaser.

Going by the trend, we can expect Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan’s trailer will also have a similar treatment as its teaser by being so fast-paced that you won’t notice the mistakes (even if they’re visible). What are your thoughts? Share in the comments section below.

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