The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Safe Cleaning Products for Your Company


The global household cleaning products market is expected to be worth more than $300 billion within the next few years. Clearly, there is a lot of money to be made in selling cleaning products.

But as consumers become more health- and eco-conscious, it’s important that you sell safe cleaning products to meet market trends. Of course, this is easier said than done.

However, we’re here to help your cleaning product company sell the right products. So keep on reading to learn more!

Ingredients Matter

Your number one concern should be the ingredients in your cleaning product options. If you’re selling basic household cleaners, then you want to go with basic ingredients. If someone picks up a bottle of your product and can easily pronounce all of your ingredients, then that probably means that it’s safe and healthy.

For more powerful cleaners, you’re likely going to have to use some complex chemicals. Make sure that these chemicals are proven to be safe and aren’t dangerous for people or the environment. When someone reads your cleaning product labels, they’ll first look at the ingredients.

Know the Toxins

Sadly, there are a lot of toxins out there that are in everyday goods. You can beat out the competition by avoiding these toxins and making sure your customers know that you care about their wellbeing.

Let’s go over some of the most common toxins below.


Triclosan can be found in disinfectants and antibacterials. Because these kinds of products are so overused in our society, they contribute to the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Chemicals like triclosan should only be used for extreme cleaners and not household products.

Monobutyl, Ethylene Glycol, and Butyl Glycol

These compounds are in all kinds of general cleaners. Unfortunately, they can negatively impact the kidneys, liver, and nervous system.

Chlorine Bleach

Bleach is extremely corrosive and strong. It can irritate the lungs and eyes. It’s best to avoid using bleach when possible.


Phosphates are typically found in dish and laundry cleaners. Unfortunately, they can be deadly to aquatic life.

Avoid Fragrances

Fragrances are unnecessary in cleaning products. They don’t make things any cleaner and tend to just be extra chemicals that you shouldn’t be in contact with.

Most synthetic fragrances contain phthalates. Phthalates can disrupt hormone products in people and animals.

Whether it’s a general cleaner, body wash, laundry detergent, or a candle, you should avoid phthalates at all costs.

If you want a fragrance then use essential oils.

Use a Reputable Formula Company

If you’re going to rely on a third party to help you with your formula, then you’ll want to use a reputable company like Private Brand Cleaning Chemicals. You want a company that will work with you and provides you with a variety of options so you can best serve your customers.

Start Selling Safe Cleaning Products

Consumers care more about using safe cleaning products than ever before. And by providing them with what they want, you can quickly grow your company while keeping your customers and their families healthy and safe.

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