Take These Steps if You’re Injured on the Job


Did you know that in 2020, there were over 2.7 million workplace injuries in the United States?

Workplace injuries are often minor, but other times you can sustain a serious injury that completely changes your life. If you’ve been injured on the job, it’s essential to understand what steps you need to take and how you can protect your legal right to compensation.

Keep reading this guide to learn what to do if you have a work-related injury.

What to Do if You’re Injured at Work

If you’re injured at work, the very first thing you need to do is report it. While this may seem obvious, many people who get hurt at work don’t need immediate medical attention, so they take the wait-and-see approach.

Depending on your state, you’ll have different requirements governing how soon you must report an injury for a workers’ compensation claim. Deadlines can vary from 10 to 90 days.

Typically states calculate this time from the date of actual injury or your realization that you were injured. This applies to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Additionally, a doctor will need to determine that your injury occurred on the job.

However, it’s essential to realize that if you don’t report a workplace injury as soon as possible, your employer may deny you coverage if you miss the deadline. You also won’t get paid for any medical treatment you may need in the future or for missed time from work.

Therefore, it’s important to take specific steps after you sustain a job injury, which includes:

Report the Injury to Your Employer

You’ll need to report the injury to your immediate supervisor as soon as you realize you’ve sustained an injury.

Seek Medical Attention

You’ll also need to see a doctor for an evaluation and treatment. Your doctor will be able to determine the extent and cause of your injury.

File a Workers Compensation Claim

If you choose to file a workers’ compensation claim, you’ll need to file a workers’ compensation claim form. Your employer should give you all the necessary forms to fill out. You’ll need to fill out the claim form and supply documentation of the medical treatment you’ve received.

Consult With a Lawyer

You should talk with a lawyer as soon as possible if you have a complicated workers’ compensation situation, such as:

  • Your employer denies your claim
  • Your employer doesn’t pay your benefits right away
  • Your settlement doesn’t cover all your medical bills or lost wages
  • You have medical issues that prevent you from working or limit what you can do at work
  • You plan to file for Social Security disability benefits
  • Your injury was due to your employer’s or another employee’s misconduct
  • Your employer has fired you or discriminated against you because you filed a claim

You can find out more here to see how a lawyer can help you with your workers’ compensation claim.

Know Your Rights if You’re Injured on the Job

Remember, if you’re injured on the job, don’t be afraid to ask questions to get all the necessary information.

Also, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer if you feel you’re not getting fair treatment during your workers’ compensation claim. A lawyer can help you completely understand your rights and ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

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