Spider-Man 4 Was Supposed To Have Peter Parker, Mary Jane Living Their Life This Way & It’s Heartbreaking!



Scrapped Spider-Man 4 Would Have Seen Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker Breaking Up With Kirsten Dunst's MJ
Scrapped Spider-Man 4 Saw Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker & Kirsten Dunst’s MJ(Photo Credit –Still From Spider-Man)

A lot of new details about Sam Raimi’s scrapped plans for Spider-Man 4 surfaced on the net. One of the biggest pieces of news from them all is that Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst‘s MJ broke up. Since Tobey returned to the Spidey suit in MCU’s No Way Home, fans have demanded to see him more.

He had a surprise cameo along with Andrew Garfield in the Tom Holland starrer. The film was a super hit, especially because of the three wall crawlers sharing the screen. Though no confirmation has been made on Tobey being in another Spidey film, fans remain hopeful.

Coming back to the point, as Sam Raimi reveals several details from the scrapped Spider-Man 4, one of the most shocking things amongst it is that Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker and Kirsten Dunst’s MJ’s relationship ended in it. As per The Direct, it was revealed in the upcoming book With Great Power.

The book detailed how Vulture and other villains would come at a unique time in the superhero’s life in Spider-Man 4. “We were going to open the movie with this montage of all the villains we knew that Sam would never be able to use in Spider-Man movies… because Peter, now that MJ [Mary Jane] has gone, he has finally made peace, and he loves being Spider-Man,” the book read.

Peter Parker and MJ are one of the most iconic pairs from the Marvel comics. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst’s version is one of the most beloved ones as well. The two-character got together in the second instalment of the film series.

While Tobey Maguire’s Peter and Kirsten Dunst’s MJ breaking up is a major plot detail of Spider-Man 4 revealed in the book, another notable thing was Angelina Jolie’s involvement. It is said that the actress was eyed for a pivotal role in the scrapped film.

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