Solution to Fix Disapproved Google Ads

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Disapproved Google Ads are common question comes in mind Why is my Google ad being rejected. They’re the result of an automated review procedure that doesn’t consider context like a human would. As a result, disapprovals are frequently misinterpreted as “incorrect.” If there’s any comfort, it’s best not to take things too personally. However, when you need your ad back up and running as soon as possible, it can be really frustrating. The way disapprovals operate is that they’re all based on Google’s ad policies. What is the total number of policies? There are just too many to list, particularly because some are industry-specific! As a result, let’s delve a little more into this subject. 

Why is my Google ad being rejected

Google ads management is obsessive about providing a fantastic user experience. Keeping this in mind, there are several engagement criteria that apply to all advertisements:

  • All-caps headlines aren’t allowed.
  • Only one exclamation point is allowed per advertisement, and it must be in the description.
  • Using trademarks in an ad account necessitates additional rights.
  • There will be no advertising of potentially harmful or questionably legal products or services.
  • There are no redirects (Redirects are a widespread and well-known strategy in SEO, it’s critical that any redirection be communicated and tracked).

Advertisements that lead to broken links or redirects are almost usually rejected within a few hours. Your ad may, however, “function” depending on your 404 error experience. Make sure to check your landing pages at least once a quarter to make sure they’re still functioning properly. Google ads management guidelines for risky categories are rather straightforward. What’s less evident is how automated checks can detect ancillary sectors. According to Google representatives, the following can lead to disapproval:

  • In a regulated sector, keywords are important (even if your service is not).
  • In a regulated business, demographic targeting, exclusions, and bid changes are all possible.
  • Landing pages that have missing information or that position offering in such a way that the product/service appears limited.

How to Fix Google Ads

Ads should be updated and appealed to

It’s sometimes evident that you’re not following the rules, and removing the adverts is pretty simple. In this scenario, it’s preferable to edit the offending Google ads management advertising before filing an appeal, noting that you’ve made the necessary changes. You can appeal a single ad, an ad group, a campaign, or the entire account in any appeal. Be cautious with what you choose here. While it may be tempting to choose the entire account, you should only make a request for advertising that is relevant to the problem you’ve detected. Selecting ads with other faults can result in the entire appeal being refused. Ad appeals usually take a couple of days, but they can take longer. You can keep track of the progress of your numerous appeals to the policy manager.

Appeal Without Changes

Google Ads management makes mistakes from time to time if not all of the time. Because of a specific term in your ad content, they may mistakenly believe you’re giving something that’s limited. When your ad content reads “our solution is simply the ticket for your business,” Google may flag it as not complying with “ticket sales” regulations. In this instance, you may appeal to the affected advertising without making any adjustments. If this fails, you may either make changes to your copy or contact Google for a manual review.

Obtain a Manual Review

If your face disapproved of Google Ads and you believe you have a complaint, you can ask Google for a manual review. When you contact us, be ready to explain how your ad complies. They’ll forward your complaint to the ad review team, who will normally respond within two business days. While manual reviews can help advertising get accepted, it doesn’t mean that updated or new ads with the same issue won’t be rejected. This means you may have to submit your adverts for manual evaluation on a regular basis, which is inconvenient and time-consuming. In a situation like this, you should consider the benefits of getting this specific ad wording authorized against just fixing the problem.

Ways to Appeal a Disapproved Ad

An unapproved ad can be fixed in one of two ways:

  • Make changes to the ad to force a review.
  • Submit an appeal to either contest the issue or confirm that you’ve made modifications in accordance with Google’s standards.

If you want to alter the ad, you can make the following changes:

  • Change your direction
  • Add an asset, to the Responsive Search/Display ad
  • Change the Final URL 
  • Make a little change to the headline or description.

It’s worth noting that in Google ads management, replacing ads resets them, so only do it if the ad has been marked. It’s easier to perform an A/B test on creativity by copying the ad and tweaking the copy. If you choose to appeal the decision (which you can do by hovering over the ad status), you’ll be given the option to do so for the following reasons:

  • Currently active ad group
  • Currently active campaign
  • Currently active account

A final decision may take 1-2 days. If you’re in a restricted or restricted-adjacent business, make sure to budget at least 1-2 weeks into your launch schedule.

Time to Contact a Google Representative

It’s time to contact a Google ads management agent after you’ve completed the manual appeal or review process. If Google reps enquire if you’ve previously appealed or altered the ad, make sure you’ve done so first. Google customer service representatives can be reached via chat, phone, or email. It’s worth noting that if they need to contact you again, there will be no specific time (sometimes calls are rather late). Prepare for your discussion by knowing the details of your ad group, campaign, and product/service. If you’re in a tangential industry, you may need to provide additional information because Google reps don’t necessarily know the ins and outs. Here are several examples:

  • A term used to describe APR rates
  • Verification of your services by a third party
  • Demonstrate that you are not a job, housing, credit, or medical product or service

Conclusion about Why is my Google ad being rejected?

Ad approvals and disapproved google ads are sometimes made in error by Google. Don’t be scared to make an argument for your work and brand. With that stated, keep in mind that the majority of ad quality checking is automated, so you’ll need to budget extra time for launch.