Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia & Soundarya Sharma Get Punished, Nomination Task Adds More Drama



COLORS’ Bigg Boss 16 Brings Back The Dramatic Nomination Task Tonight!
Bigg Boss 16 Day 25 Written Updates: Nomination Task Adds More Drama

After a meandering celebration of Diwali in the house of Bigg Boss 16, many twists and turns await the audience tonight! Being the master of the house, Bigg Boss has to keep a vigilant eye on every contestant’s doing and especially when they break the rules of the house set by him. In tonight’s episode, viewers will see Nimrit Ahluwalia and Soundarya Sharma pay for their mistakes as they constantly converse in English instead of Hindi.

Bigg Boss reprimands them for repeatedly speaking English when the rules mention that they have to speak in Hindi. Bigg Boss asks them to apologize to India and continue doing so until his next command!

Amid the never-ending chaos in the Bigg Boss 16 house, the sword of fear again looms over the contestants as nominations get announced. Bigg Boss will make an announcement and choose two contestants who will be ‘Shaitan Ki Aawaz’. These chosen contestants will get a chance to decide amongst themselves and pick other two fellow contestants whom they want to save from nomination this week, sending the other contestant directly into the nomination zone.

It will be fun, exciting, and shocking to witness the real faces of the chosen contestants based on whom they send into the nomination. Bigg Boss chooses three pairs of contestants for this task. What follows the task will be appalling to watch, till then the mystery remains!

In the Bigg Boss 16 house, you never know when friends become enemies and vice versa. Gautam and Shalin’s bond is one such bond. We will see Shalin advises Gautam about Soundarya, asking him to take things slow and telling him that the gravity of this situation for him is different and for Soundarya is different.

The sweetness remains intact in the house as Abdu Rozik wins hearts with his performance on ‘I am a disco dancer’ and ‘Goron ki na kalon ki’ with a retro feel. And nevertheless, no one does it better than Abdu! Witness today’s episode filled with lots of entertainment by staying tuned to Bigg Boss as you surely do not want to miss watching the nominated contestants for elimination this week.

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