Metal Prints: Are They Right for You?


You’re flipping through your family’s recent trip to Disneyland pictures when it hits you:

This is a great photo.

Everyone’s huddled together, happy, smiling. This is exactly how you want to remember that weekend. It’s the kind of picture that reminds you how close you are as a family.

Maybe you’re thinking about getting it printed and hanging it up in your living room. You do have that wall that’s been needing something to bring it to life, and a family photo would be perfect there.

If you didn’t know, there’s a new trend buzzing around: metal prints for photography. Metal offers an alternative to traditional printing in ways that might benefit your specific needs.

Want to see if this trending form of print is right for you? Follow along as we take you through the ins and outs of metal printing.

What Are Metal Prints?

Metal prints are pieces of art that take a high-definition photo and etch it into an aluminum canvas.

What sets them apart from traditional printing is how they catch light. An aluminum canvas with the right finish flourishes with a direct light source shining on it. As a result, print metal in brightly lit rooms or outside offers a more sleek and vibrant look than acrylic canvases.

Next, we’ll take a closer look at their strengths and weaknesses to see if metal prints are right for you.


The benefits of print on metal broadly fall into two categories: durability and design.

Let’s take a closer look at these categories below:


Metal prints excel when you hang them in places that experience the elements. Bathrooms, for example, get moist during hot showers. Print metal won’t warp the same way paper will.

Do you have an outside living room? Metal prints have the upper hand here as well. They add art and color to your backyard patio without the worry that they’ll get damaged in a storm.


Metal prints require a high-definition seed photo before production begins. A high-definition photo compliments the precision printing process, so they always come out looking crisp and sleek.

For more on metal prints, check out this printing service to get more answers to your questions.


There’s only one major downside to metal prints, and that’s their weight.

While aluminum is one of the more lightweight metals, these prints do weigh slightly more than their paper canvas counterparts.

Look at where you want to hang your next picture. If you’re new to metal prints, make sure it can hold a print that’s a little heavier than a paper canvas.

Your Next Family Photo

So what do you think now that you know more about metal prints? Do you want a durable canvas that will last a long time? Do you have an outdoor space that would look great with a metal print accent piece?

Maybe you’re worried about how heavy they are. A good printing company will know exactly how much your print will weigh and help you find the right place to hang it.

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