Karan Johar Joins The Housemates As They Celebrate The Festival With Dance & Songs But With A Twist



Get ready to celebrate ‘Diwali’ in a ‘Bigg Boss’ style as the housemates dance, sing and rejoice but with a twist
Get ready to celebrate ‘Diwali’ in a ‘Bigg Boss’ style as the housemates dance, sing and rejoice but with a twist

Tonight, the Bigg Boss 16 house echoes with the festivities of Diwali as the contestants are all set for celebrations with the special host Karan Johar. However, in this Bigg Boss house nothing is as it seems, there’s a twist to everything! With festive joviality and unlimited surprises, the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ will witness the second eviction of this season. The sword of elimination hovers over the heads of the three nominated contestants of the week Shalin Bhanot, Sumbul Touqeer, and Manya Singh, thus neither the Diwali gifts nor the festive spirit comes as easily in this house.

The viewers’ one of the most favourite segments is back as the versatile actor Shekhar Suman will come on stage with yet another crackling ‘Bigg Bulletin’ to take contestants’ class. As tradition goes, the ‘Bigg Bulletin with Shekhar Suman’ is centred around roasting the contestants on their actions but in this ‘Diwali’ special weekend, Suman also plays a twisted yet fun game with the housemates.

This Bigg Boss 16 game revolves around the idea of the housemates giving a gift to each other depending upon their behaviour in the house. Gori Nagori very conveniently gifts Archana a tongue cleaner and Tina gifts Sumbul a tissue paper mentioning that she is the cry-baby of the house. This game of tags leads to a bitter conversation between Shiv and Shalin, as Shiv gives a mask to Shalin, implying that he never reveals his real face on the show.

From one ringmaster to the other, the sassy and witty Karan Johar takes charge of the house. He too is in the mood for some ‘Diwali’ fun and plays a game of ‘Phuski bomb’ and ‘Sutli bomb’ in his innate style. The rules of the games are simple, the housemates have to put a ‘phuski’ and ‘sutli’ sticker on the face of the contestant who they think suits the description of ‘Phuski bomb’ and ‘Sutli bomb’. Unanimously, the votes are divided between Tina and Nimrit as they are named ‘Phuski bomb’ and ‘Sutli Bomb’ respectively. This fun Bigg Boss 16 game ends with Nimrit being named the ‘Patakha’ of the house and the crown will given to her by none other than the cutest Abdu.

The festival of Diwali is incomplete without gifts from the near and dear ones. And to make housemates’ Diwali a memorable one, Karan brings with him the gifts that the families of the housemates have sent them. However, with Bigg Boss playing the game himself this time, these gifts aren’t so easily obtainable. The housemates can only get the gift if they display their talents and get a thumbs-up for it. An exception was made for the most loved contestant in the house Abdu Rozik. Since this is his first Diwali in India, Karan shares the gifts that were sent to him by his family. Karan and Abdu become the judges of the ‘talent show’ where one by one the contestants showcase their skills. From MC Stan rapping about the housemates to Sumbul, Priyanka, Gori, and Archana dancing, housemates give their best performance to receive a thumb-up.

Watch the exciting elimination only on Bigg Boss 16 every Monday to Friday at 10.00 PM and every Saturday – Sunday at 9.30 PM only on COLORS and Voot.

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