“It’s An Opportunity To Get N*ked & Fool Around”



Jennifer Tilly 'loves' shooting sex scenes
Jennifer Tilly ‘loves’ shooting s*x scenes(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Actress Jennifer Tilly has been in a relationship with poker player Phil Laak since 2004 and said that while most performers say intimate scenes are “awful”, she enjoys them because she has the opportunity to “get n*ked” with someone other than her partner.

She said: “I know actors are meant to say, ‘Oh, s*x scenes are awful! It’s always a terrible day to have to get through,’… But I love s*x scenes! Who wouldn’t love s*x scenes? It’s an opportunity to get n*ked and fool around with somebody that’s not your partner.”

“And all the people standing around that makes it even more fun!”

Meanwhile, the ‘Bride of Chucky’ star, who was previously married to late ‘Simpsons‘ producer Sam Simon, reflected on her time starring as Violet in the 1996 noir film ‘Bound’ and explained that while she would wear “s*xy outfits” early on in her career, she is actually a “very prudish” person, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Jennifer Tilly told The Independent: “Women are so used to being s*xualised in movies, and I felt like I’d played that character before. She’s like an iceberg, where you just see the tip of it. Most of the iceberg is underneath the water, and very dangerous to passing ships.”

“I liked that it was all subterfuge with her, and the s*xuality she exhibited was a tool to get what she wanted. I guess if you’re an amateur psychiatrist, she’s sort of a parallel to the characters that I’ve played in Hollywood. When I first came here, I would wear s*xy outfits and be this other person, but it wasn’t who I was in real life. I’m actually very prudish!”

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