Is Wind or Solar Power Better?

If you have been considering making a switch to a cleaner energy source for your home or business, then you have probably heard about solar power and wind power.

But which kind of renewable energy is best for you? Keep reading to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of wind or solar energy.

Why Should You Use a Renewable Energy Source?

As we learn more and more about the negative effects of pollution and the use of nonrenewable resources, many people are looking to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

As technology advances, we are able to find newer and better ways to make our homes and businesses more eco-friendly.

Using a clean, renewable energy source can help you to decrease your energy bill, reduce your carbon footprint, and leave a better world for the next generation.

Solar Power

Solar power is the best option for most people due to the regular amount of sunshine in most locations and the ease of installation. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of solar power.


The first advantage is that you can easily reduce or eliminate your monthly power bill. By owning a correctly sized system of panels, you can create enough energy to cover your monthly bill! If you are striving towards self-sufficiency with your home, or you just want to reduce a bill that seems to constantly be rising, then solar might be the way to go.

Another advantage is that you will be able to control how much your electricity bill is. The cost of electricity has gone up more than 60% in the last 20 years. If you separate yourself from the power companies, you won’t have to worry about electricity costs as they continue to rise.

One more advantage of solar power is that investing in solar panels can increase the value of your home. The value of most homes goes up three to seven percent after the owners invested in solar panels.

Working with a reputable solar panel provider like Blue Raven Solar can ensure that you get the right-sized solar panel system so that you can enjoy all of the advantages of solar power.


The main disadvantage that many people focus on when looking into solar power is the high upfront costs associated with buying and installing solar panels. Powering the average American home can take a solar panel system costing upwards of $20,000.

This is a big investment to make, however, it is important to focus on the long-term, money-saving benefits of this kind of investment. The savings on energy bills and the increase in the value of your home balance out the high upfront costs.

Wind Power

When people think of wind power, they often think of fields of giant wind turbines. However, buying smaller turbines is an option for individual homes.


One advantage of wind power comes from living in isolated areas. If you don’t have other buildings around to interfere with your wind turbines, then wind power might be a good investment for you.

Another advantage comes to those living in coastal areas farther north that might not get consistent sunshine but do get consistent wind.


While wind turbines can be great when used on a large scale, with individual homes and businesses, there are several disadvantages.

The installation of wind turbines is much less flexible than that of solar panels. If it is within 500 feet of another structure, then the turbine has to be 30 feet taller than that other structure. This can be a major problem in urban areas.

Wind turbines can also cause a significant amount of noise pollution. Even if you do live in an isolated area, you might not want to deal with the noise that comes after you install a wind turbine, especially on a day with high wind speeds.

Will You Choose Wind or Solar Power?

Unless you live in specific, isolated areas, most people find that solar power is the most accessible, flexible, and beneficial form of renewable energy for their homes.

Which kind will you pick for your home? Wind or solar energy?

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