Instagram Story Video Length: Everything You Need to Know


Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps to share pictures and videos of yourself and your business. 

On the business side though, a proper Instagram video strategy is key. Over 500 million people post stories on Instagram every day, and 70% of Instagram users view stories. 

With that in mind, part of the strategy for businesses is how long the Instagram story video length should be for your content. 

Well, the answer is, it depends on your format. Here are some of your options. 


Instagram stories are videos that can be as long as 15 seconds. However, if you want your video to be longer, you do have the option of dividing it by 15-second intervals for up to 60 seconds of content from the same video. 

From there, you can caption the story, find a song to play for your video, and adjust the filter. Instagram story design is key here to capture the attention of your audience. 

Stories are meant to be very short content, so if you are just going for a quick post, this is your best bet. 


Initially, reels could only be 30 seconds. Now, you have the ability to post 60-second videos for reels. 

These are a little bit different than stories. The first reason is that you do not have to chop your 60 seconds of content into four different parts. 

The second reason is that someone does not have to be following your account in order to see this content. 

Feed and IGTV 

The next type of video you can make involves your Instagram feed. This is a video that appears in a post on your profile page. 

For normal videos, the 60-second rule applies in order to avoid complications. 

However, for those desiring to make longer content, one way you can do this is to use IGTV video. By using this method, you can make videos up to 10 minutes long. 

Not only do you get to post longer content, but you get to decide how to advertise that content to your audience as well. Instagram allows you to pick the 15 seconds of content from that video that you want to display as a preview for the rest of the video to your potential audience. 

If you leave the right cliffhanger, it can draw more people in. 

Live Videos 

Finally, one of the best ways to have longer content on Instagram is by doing a live video. These are usually Q+As, reaction videos to controversy or a big event, and sometimes just a fun way for a business or celebrity to engage with your audience. 

The best part? There is a much longer limit for video length here. Live videos can be four hours rather than just 60 seconds or 10 minutes for the other options. 

Master Instagram Story Video Length

Instagram story video length can make or break the success of marketing yourself or your business. Review these options and choose what is right for you. 

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