How to Succeed in the Vape Industry with Kraft Packaging

Vape is a competitive industry. If you want to succeed, you need to do things differently. Custom vape cartridge packaging offers an innovative approach for those who are looking for a sustainable way of doing business. This type of eco-friendly box allows retailers to reduce their carbon footprint. And get ahead in the market at the same time.

Find out how this innovative idea can help your vape business succeed in today’s retail world.

The Benefits of Kraft Paper Packaging for Vape Cartridge

Kraft paper packaging is a green and handy way of doing business. It offers the following benefits:Kraft paper packaging reduces carbon footprint by recycling old boxes into new ones, which are then delivered to retailers in their own trucks or shipped via rail. This eliminates the need for large shipping containers, saving on fuel costs as well as reducing emissions from transporting heavy goods across long distances. 

Kraft paper has natural properties that make it more resistant to air and water than other types of cardboard-like corrugated cardboards; it also makes less noise when stacking than regular cardboard does because most Kraft papers don’t have staples inside them; they are glued together with all fibers running in one direction instead. 

Moreover, Kraft paper can be recycled up to five times, unlike corrugated cardboard which only has one recycling opportunity.

Kraft packaging is eco-friendly and offers a myriad of benefits for the retail industry. Kraft’s environmentally friendly properties have found home in today’s modern world, from reduced manufacturing emissions to greater fuel efficiency.

How to Customize Kraft Packaging for Vape Cartridge

You can personalize the custom cigarettes boxes with stickers, stamps, or other creative finishes. That way, you can have your company’s logo on the packaging and differentiate it from competitors.

There are many aspects such as:




inserts, and more.

That can be considered when designing your custom Kraft box. 

Benefits of Customizing Your Vape Cartridge Boxes: 

  • Customized design keeps products fresh and recognizable in a crowded marketplace.
  • Creative designs and finishes make an impression on customers with no additional cost to you!
  • Kraft box customization is eco-friendly as it reduces the need for polystyrene peanuts or bubble wrap.

The Finishing Styles:

The Kraft box is made out of 100% recycled paperboard. The finish can either be a kraft, white or natural box with the option to screenprint one color on the entire package or add an additional spot UV coating for more design elements and branding opportunities.

Customization For Add-ons: 

In addition to customizing your packaging, you may also want to consider customizing your inserts as well. You could attach coupons in it that are specific towards products being sold inside the store. This will bring customers back time after time!

The Difference Between Bleached Kraft and Unbleached Kraft Paperboard

Bleached Kraft paperboard is a buff color and appears to be weathered while unbleached Kraft board looks more like traditional brown cardboard. 

Both have their own benefits, but if you want your company to stand out from the crowd, then it’s best to use an unbleached Kraft box.

When To Use Bleached or Unbleached Paperboard: 

Use bleached when designing for upscale retail brands that are looking for something cleaner with fewer colors. On the other hand, there are many occasions where using unbleached can be beneficial, such as producing gift boxes and food packaging because it better showcases all the natural fibers in this type of finish. This makes sense since most people associate unbleached paperboard with natural materials.

What are Different Types of Kraft Paper?

Kraft paper comes in different types such as Double Wall, Kraft Paper Board and Single Wall.

Double Wall: It is a type of Kraft board that has two layers for both strength and protection on the inside 

Kraft Paper Board: this was created to reduce waste by using one sheet of paperboard instead of multiple sheets 

Single Wall: it’s an unbleached paperboard with just one layer which can be used for items like gift boxes or other packaging needs.

How to Promote Your Brand Through Custom Boxes? 

Customizing your boxes is a great way to promote your brand. There are many ways you can do this, such as by adding logos, using different colors, or creating specific shapes and sizes for certain items so they stand out from the rest of the products on display.

There are several strategies that can help you be successful in the retail industry. One of these is to use Kraft packaging, which will give your products a distinctive look and feel while helping them stand out from competitors’ boxes that often just have one color with no texture or pattern on it.

What Colors are Best for Your Kraft Boxes? 

Green is a great color for Kraft packaging because it’s the easiest one for the human eye. Studies have shown that green boxes are better than other colors at attracting attention and keeping their visibility in-store displays. This means your product will be seen more often by customers, which increases sales over time.

Black can also work well as an effective choice of color for Kraft packaging if you’re looking for something darker that pops out against a white background – especially when there isn’t much light available at night or in high-ceilinged stores where there isn’t much light available general lighting doesn’t reach all corners equally.

Red is another good option because its stimulating effect makes shoppers notice products even more quickly, so they’ll buy them faster before moving onto something else.

Finally, gold can work as an effective choice of color for Kraft packaging when you’re looking for something more luxurious that will shine out on store shelves – especially in places where light shines down onto them most directly, like direct sunlight shining through windows at noon. 

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In the end, we have seen how the use of Kraft packaging can be an effective way to make sure that products stand out on store shelves. In addition, we saw how it’s possible for this eco-friendly box to help you excel in the retail industry with its many benefits and effects.