How Can the Mycsf Portal Benefit Your Security Management Approach?

The HITRUST MyCSF Portal is an application native to the MyCSF platform that enables subscribers to inherit corporate control hierarchy from a parent company or third-party who’s in charge of that control over the subscriber’s environment. This technology also provides the customer with the ability to gain access to this control hierarchy via an internet application. As an independent reseller of MyCIF technologies, we’re always looking at ways to improve customer experience and give them more options in managing their resources – whether it’s hardware-software or even communications. The HITRUST product has been developed to make this possible.

When evaluating a new application, whether it be a software solution or an application to manage infrastructure, one of the most important things to consider is training and support. Training and testing are very essential to obtain full value from any application and the MyCSF Portal comes to the rescue here. We have rigorous training methodology in place and regularly review all MyCSF Portal evaluations to ensure that the application meets our quality standards. Our quality assurance team performs regular tests on the HITRUST platform, both manually and automatically as required by the organization. This automated testing procedure is performed with a focus on two factors; automated configuration management and validated assessment.

Automated configuration management is the key to proper integration of the system and the portal delivers just that. Once the application has been integrated, a web-based manager is used to maintain the scope and to configure the application. This allows multiple departments to configure the portal in the manner they see fit and to change the risk factors, rules and parameters as required. This procedure can be completed in a matter of minutes rather than hours and in some cases, in mere minutes. Using well-built mics portal, your assessor firm will find it easier and less time-consuming to deploy the application and make it more meaningful for the users.

The other important factor that can be automated and improves the speed of deployment is the testing procedure. The hitrost test automation tool is used here for two primary reasons; to validate the scope and to generate valid SSL certificates. This automated testing procedure can be performed using a number of different web browsers and can rapidly identify differences in behavior between various versions. This capability allows for a complete re-definition of the application’s scope and enables a team to rapidly respond to changes in the market without re-deploying the application.

In addition to being able to quickly determine the scope of an application, the HITRUST assessment capability of the mycsf portal also allows the system to determine the organization’s eligibility for control maturity. The scorecard displays a dynamic map that is customized to show the customer profile, departmental structure and infrastructure and the scorecard is designed to be easy to understand and to customize for each organization. Once the customer profile has been established and a number of the organization’s key departments and functions have been defined, the testing process begins.

One of the primary benefits of the mycsf portal is the automation of the assessment process. By using the automated tool called the hitrost test automation tool, the control maturity test can be conducted in a short amount of time. The tool can be used in conjunction with the mycsf portal in order to ensure that the security assessment is correct and that any missing or incorrect information is quickly identified. Many of the companies that use the mycsf portal to administer the mycsf certification test do so without manual reviewing and testing. The automated hitrost report can be used as a reference to determine any issues that may remain after the review and testing process has been completed.

Another important benefit of the mycsf portal is the capability to quickly establish the eligibility for acceptance into the mics portal. Once the test tester has established eligibility, they will be able to log in and access the control panel, view their test report, and determine if any risks are evident. They can also determine if a company needs to engage in a special project team in order to address the specific assessment concerns.

The test automation tool that the mycsf portal provides greatly reduces the amount of time and money spent on manual review and approval of security test cases. By reducing the time necessary for the test management process, the mycsf portal enables the organization to save significant amounts of money that can be used to invest in other areas. If an organization wants to ensure that the mycsf portal is properly implemented throughout their organization, they must follow the recommendations outlined in this white paper.