Graham Norton Wants Brad Pitt On His Show’s Notorious Red Couch, Says “The Thing That Fuels The Engine Of Our Show Is Big Stars…”



Big Stars Like Brad Pitt Fuel Our Show's Engine, says Graham Norton
Graham Norton: Big Stars Like Brad Pitt Fuel Our Show’s Engine (Pic Credit: Poster, Wikipedia)

Irish-British actor and talk show host, Graham Norton, who has returned with the 30th season of his popular eponymous show, said he would like to invite Hollywood star Brad Pitt to the show’s notorious red couch.

Talking about his wish to invite Brad Pitt to the dream sofa, Norton said: “Brad Pitt, for starters. He’s never been on the show, and he’s been in lots of great movies. He seems genuinely lovely, and he’s a big star.”

Graham Norton added, “In the end, as much as you can have fun with somebody slightly obscure, the thing that fuels the engine of our show is big stars, and he’s one of the biggest.”

Graham Norton said he would use Miriam Margolyes’s skills more generously. “We would also have a little bit of Miriam Margolyes. We use her sparingly, but she never disappoints. And I like Chris Pratt. He is really lovely and good fun to have on. Also, Jennifer Lawrence. She’s very unguarded and not second-guessing herself, which is a lovely thing in a guest.”

Opening up on how he feels when stars are on their guard on the sofa, Norton said: “Some American stars who haven’t had a great time with the British press consider me a journalist and they’re not relaxed – they worry I’m going to try to trip them up or ask a terrible question. And it’s only at the end of the show, you see them going, ‘Oh, I could have relaxed and enjoyed myself’.”

Graham Norton added: “I ran into Kevin Costner at an event this summer and he was saying, ‘I’d really like to come back on your show.’ He had been very nervous coming on the first time, not just of me, but also of a British audience. But he’d had a great time. That’s gratifying.”

New episodes of ‘The Graham Norton Show’ are available for streaming on Lionsgate Play every Saturday.

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