Everything You Need To Know About Transformer Painting


Does your transformer often rust or break down? This can be one of the main problems of using high voltage equipment in your business. But there is a solution.

Ideal for use on floors and steel structures, transformer painting makes surfaces resistant to abrasion and chemical attack. Making it ideal for outdoor use on heavy transformers.

If you want to know you can use transformer coating to increase the lifespan of your transformer, here’s everything you need to know.

Two-Component Transformer

According to the previous specification, the contractor should prime the transformer with an existing two-component, water-based epoxy primer.

The transformer paint team will first use flow coating technology to remove the old paint with a special compound. In the second stage, they will treat the exposed surface using a chemical surface solution.

You might also want to consider anti-climb paint to stop vandals from entering your transformer. Transformer vandals are a growing problem in North America.

Preventing Rusting

Rusting suggests that steel is deteriorating. When a contractor performs the transformer coating service, a new paint layer will cover the steel shell to prevent the damage from expanding.

Corrosion will also hurt the transformer coating. So you should paint the transformer and electric equipment regularly.

This ensures you protect the steel casing from damage due to rusting.

Although periodic testing and maintenance of the electrical network will ensure that the transformer functions correctly from the inside, the unit must be painted to avoid damage from excessive heat and humidity. Painting transformer tanks with cooling fins use normal spray equipment.

Flow-Through Coating

A key benefit of a flow-through coating is that it is more cost-effective in the long term, as it provides 100% protection to the exposed outer surfaces of the transformer by covering hard-to-reach areas with spray paint. Repainting at the right time prolongs protection levels.

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Transformer painting can double the service life of the structure. Subsequent re-painting will further extend the life of the structure. Therefore, timely cleaning and painting are essential to control maintenance costs.

If you are unsure if your transformer is ready for a new coat of paint, contact a qualified technician with a reliable service provider. Rust is a common problem in transformers, and companies that specialize in painting services for transformers can be contacted to rebuild equipment.

When they find it is rusted, the engineer will immediately call a transformer paint service company. They will inspect the damage it can be repaired. If site conditions permit and no bare wires are present, qualified personnel can clean as well as paint transformers for you.

Transformer Painting Can Save You Money And Time

Above all, an electrical transformer must be handled with care, otherwise it could suffer internal damage. You may even find that the high voltage harms you or your workers. This is why should you consider transformer painting, carried out by an expert.

The cost of painting transformers varies from company to company, and substation operators should look for a location that offers the best deals.

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