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Anuradha Singh on juggling two TV shows and why she's loving it
Anuradha Singh on juggling two TV shows and why she’s loving it ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Actress Anuradha Singh is currently part of two TV shows including ‘Pushpa Impossible’ and ‘Imlie’. The actress says that while it is challenging to balance both, she is loving it.

“It was very difficult for me in the beginning because both the show timings used to clash and all the sequences during that time were important. It was very difficult to handle these issues. But I guess every artist wants to see a time in their career where they don’t have time as they are working continuously. I am blessed with such great work and characters,” she says.

Talking about the shows, Anuradha Singh says: “My role in ‘Pushpa Impossible’ is that of Bhavana. The story is about a chawl in Mumbai and the issues that people face there. Pushpa (Karuna Pandey Vaidya) and Bhavana are very good and close friends but when it comes to comparisons, Bhavana finds her very bossy sometimes. Bhavna’s family is doing well and, in fact, they own many shops in that area and so she feels why should she take Pushpa’s attitude.”

“I think, not only me, everyone would relate to this character because we all have emotions of love and hate in our heart. There are ups and downs in all our lives and our relationships with others.”

Anuradha Singh adds: “In Imlie, my character’s name is Divya and I am Atharva’s (Karan Vohra) Chachi (aunt) in the show. It is a comic negative character. There are times when I don’t think about what to say and what not to say in front of people. I think I have done that in real life too, by mistake. So, this is how I relate to the character. There are times when you are quite spontaneous and, later on, you realise that these things were not supposed to be said.”

While the content on TV has evolved, it needs to continue to grow, says Anuradha, adding: “Television should be upgraded a little more to keep the audience engrossed. It’s important for the audience to stay loyal to us and support us. Our shows should be better than the best because it is going to help us and our audience.”

Anuradha Singh adds: “I think we try to keep things realistic but we cannot be too realistic all the time. But yes, the story has to touch people’s hearts; whether it is realistic or not, they need to be able to relate to it at some level. And we all know and accept that stories are always changed according to the TRP.”

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