Do You Know? Robert Pattinson Starrer The Batman’s Script Had A Secret Device Attached To It Which Made It ‘Leak Proof’



The Batman Script Was Kept Under Tight Security To Prevent It From Leaking
The Batman Producers Went The Extra Mile To Not Let The Script Leak ( Photo Credit – Poster from The Batman )

The Batman script had a tracking device to prevent it from leaking. Released earlier this year, Robert Pattinson’s debut as the Caped Crusader was a huge success, both critically and commercially. Several DC fans called the film the best iteration of the superhero. Even at the box office, it broke several records.

It has an overall collection of $770 million, which is fantastic for DC film, especially one that is not part of their extended universe. Talks about a sequel began immediately after it. Though it is said that a second part will happen, it was last reported that Warner Bros is yet to greenlight the project.

Coming back to the point, Paul Dano, aka The Riddler, who was the main villain in The Batman, revealed how the screenplay was under such tight security that production locked up the document. While speaking with GQ, the actor recalled the high-tech tools used to keep the script safe. “‘Don’t lose this. Put it in your special binder,’” Dano recalled being told by the producers.

“This was the first time I had a binder with a locking code on it,” The Batman actor said. “Then they added a tracking device,” Paul Dano added. Several movies, especially comic book-related films, face leaks before their release, which often spoils the movies. Just recently, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam suffered the same ordeal.

The movie is still a few days away from its release, but its end-credits scene made its way online. The leak spoiler is a major cameo. Warner Bros and DC took down the leak immediately, but a lot of people already watched it by then.

While talking about The Batman, it’s a good thing that the team kept the script under such security. As we all know by now that even it had moments that could have been spoiled, like Barry Keoghan’s Joker in the end-credits scene.

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