digital: Seven tips to become a successful digital marketer

digital: Seven tips to become a successful digital marketer


The digital economy is developing at an alarming rate, which has benefited employment availability and professional advancement within the field. Since it is simpler and less expensive than traditional marketing, digital marketing has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for all firms to promote themselves. It is no longer a new term for people today, and has been the talk of the town lately.

In the modern-day, to engage with the target audience, individuals must actively participate across all online platforms for successful digital marketing. As a result, it is crucial to maximize the outcomes by applying successful digital marketing methods. However, before diving into the top seven techniques, it’s essential to understand what digital marketing entails and why it benefits the organization.

What’s Digital Marketing??
In the present scenario, revenue is being generated digitally. Because of its status as a targeted and measurable speciality, digital marketing spending is rising rapidly. Organizations have recognized that digital tools and channels can generate considerable ROI and provide a significant competitive advantage.

With so many people playing, working, and shopping online, it’s no surprise that digital marketing has risen to the top of the market department’s priority list. Companies, organizations, and corporations are beginning to rely majorly on digital marketing to stay relevant in their customer’s minds and establish a successful brand.

With the digital marketing industry booming and competition as severe as ever, being on top of the game is vital. Here are the top seven techniques to become a successful digital marketing expert.

1. Learn how to read data and analyse it for your purpose:
Start by learning Excel to learn how to read data and analyse it for your needs. If you want to consider a career in digital marketing, having this knowledge is crucial. Learning more analytics tools will also assist you in appropriately interpreting data and analysing it so that you can estimate future projections or forecast realistic targets for the forthcoming month or quarter. Do not forget to compare the projected and actual facts. Remember to measure the projected vs actual data.

2. Be a good storyteller:
You should always have a compelling narrative ready to persuade your client, management, or reporting manager to accept your idea. Develop the capacity to succinctly communicate difficult concepts in an easier fashion. Speak to them in their language and with consideration for their demographics.

3. All your efforts should lead to revenue (directly/indirectly):

The primary focus should be monetisation. Even if you recommend content promotion, it needs a thorough funnel journey outlining how it might contribute to revenue generation. Establish distinct major and secondary KPIs and keep track of them for each campaign, experiment, and funnel you run.

4. Learn digital marketing if not done yet:

If you haven’t already, learn digital marketing. Given that today, every brand wants to be on a digital platform, it’s critical to learn about and receive training in this field (Be it performance or branding-centric or combination of both). Nowadays, there are a myriad of sources easily available online to help you learn the essentials of digital marketing. To sharpen your abilities and obtain training, you can also choose to complete an internship at any firm or organisation.

5. Capitalize on the creatives & content: Creatives and content play a very important role in reaching out to potential customers. With the use of AI and the strengthening of algorithms across all advertising channels, particularly Google and Facebook, this is becoming increasingly important. Recognize the influence of creativity and content, and produce high-quality content in accordance with your target audiences.

6. Don’t hesitate to experiment:
Experimenting is the key to becoming a successful digital marketer. Nobody can learn it overnight. Experimenting with different tools and techniques will help you become more confident. As a rule, marketers make decisions based on intuition and their own considerations. However, good marketers do this based on data. They constantly test advertising campaigns, prices, and ads. This helps them to turn information into results. Use modern platforms and practice A / B testing. So you will achieve the best results. Even seemingly insignificant changes can greatly change the results.

7. Always keep learning to stay ahead of the curve:
This is one of the crucial skills we develop with time. It’s the worst thing if any marker stops learning anything new and assumes that he/she knows everything now. You can do things like- Subscribe to a good newsletter, follow some strong influencers on Linkedin/Twitter, learn from competitors, etc.

The Road Ahead!
Digital marketing is a large industry that offers several options to anyone with zeal and potential. Taking one step at a time is vital as gradually increasing the scale. The strategies listed above will assist the individuals in learning, growing, excelling, and being a good digital marketer. These strategies describe how to take advantage of extraordinary digital opportunities, and they are ultimately unavoidable marketing tools that can connect with a wide range of people.

(The writer is COO & CO-Founder, ET Medialabs)


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