Digital Content Strategy vs Content Marketing: Is There a Difference?


About 75% of marketers are increasing the funds they allocate towards content marketing. This is because content marketing works and lets you connect naturally with consumers.

You may have just started creating and publishing content on a blog of your own. In time, you will begin seeing a couple of differences. Your audience will start engaging with you more, and growth will happen.

But the growth may be below your expectations and the ROI average at best. If this happens, you need to keep one thing in mind – content strategy vs content marketing.

Both are essential in creating a powerful brand and a good ROI. These two concepts are complementary but different. Read on to discover the difference between content strategy and content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing refers to creating, posting, and delivering quality information on a subject. It’s organic marketing. Common content types include written content, video, audio, and graphics.

Content marketing succeeds because it doesn’t involve the direct sale of an item or service. In digital marketing, content marketers add value in a variety of ways. They may provide clarification on a topic, a detailed guide for an activity, or entertainment.

By adding value, consumers will recognize your brand as trustworthy. Content marketers provide content to attain a particular campaign goal.

These goals may include increasing traffic and qualified leads. Or boosting the brand’s reputation.

Having a lot of content online that results in better engagement isn’t sufficient to bring actual returns. You need to pair content marketing with content strategy.

What Is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is the basis on which content marketing is anchored. To better understand the concept, think of content strategy as a map. Content marketing is a trip whose destination is brand success.

Content strategy is the map that guides the trip. It entails the research process involved in setting up a successful marketing campaign. Thus, content marketing is the actual campaign after the strategy is formed.

The work of a content strategist involves analyzing old strategies to identify areas of improvement. They evaluate the target audience to identify their needs, what they love interacting with, and the right time to deliver it.

The next step for a strategist is to establish how content can meet the audience’s needs while resulting in greater returns. This post gives further explanation on creating an effective digital content strategy.

Content Strategy vs Content Marketing: You Need Both

Content strategy vs content marketing. Can they work independently? You can try, but you may miss out on real returns and exponential growth.

An excellent digital marketing strategy pairs both. By ignoring content strategy, the content you provide may not be helpful to your audience. It would be best if you had a content strategy to stay aligned with your brand and provide content at the best time.

After deciding the strategy, content marketing allows you to generate leads. It also helps improve your site’s search ranking.

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