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Contract This: How Much Do Contract Engineers Make?

Since March 2020, many people’s employment has been somewhat unstable. Some are taking advantage of that instability, deciding to search for new employment opportunities. Others, seeking a career to study in school, have decided to investigate some career paths. 

One job that people explore is that of contract engineers. These professionals specialize in supervising engineering projects. They examine the contract legalities to ensure fairness between clients and engineers. 

Contract engineers have duties that center on administration, budgeting, records maintenance, and data analysis. As you may imagine, these are well-paid professionals. 

The question is, how much do these professionals make? If you’re wondering about that, search no more! In this guide, we’ll explore how much money you can make in this role.

Contract Engineer Salary 

On average, a contracting engineer earns roughly $115,697 each year. Broken down, they usually make approximately $55.62 per hour. Fortunately, experts don’t expect the field to slow down.

Between 2018 and 2028, experts predict this career path will grow by four percent. As a result, it’s expected to produce 12,800 job opportunities around the US. 

However, the amount of money these workers can earn depends on some factors. For example, different locations have varying salaries they can pay their employees. 

So, what could you make at the lowest end in this job? Typically, the lowest salary comes to $72,500. On the uppermost ends, some civil engineering roles earn as much as $156,000 each year.

Qualifications for Contract Engineering Jobs

The majority of contract engineering jobs require a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification. Of course, higher levels of education are always a bonus. 

Typically, your degree must be in engineering. However, a degree is rarely enough to qualify you for this position. Alongside college credentials, you also need experience in the field. 

This experience includes knowledge of contract preparation and negotiation techniques. Additionally, you must have skills in tendering and award procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities of Contract Engineers

So, what kind of tasks would you apply these skills to? There are several duties that contract engineers bear responsibility for. These include the following obligations. 

First, they must draft contracts. They draw and review legal documents, changing and adding clauses according to the stakeholders’ specifications.

These engineers must also handle issues with the contract. As the project continues, new stages can introduce difficulties that require resolution. 

Additionally, these engineers must keep records pertaining to the jobs. Keeping records includes managing drawings, field notes, sketches, and reference manuals. They must also maintain any other engineering manuals relevant to their projects and note them in contracts. 

Lastly, they execute contracts during the development process. Doing so includes drafting letters and getting the signatures of clients and subcontractors. Project managers and governmental overseers must also sign these documents.

Consider if Contract Engineer is the Right Career for You

If you have an analytical mindset and want to leave a mark, becoming a contract engineer could be an ideal job for you. As a contract engineer, you can put your analytical mind to practical use. So, consider whether this position is best for you! 

We hope this article was helpful! If so, check out our other content today.

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