Attractive Custom Lip Gloss Boxes help to Engage more People to your Brand

lip gloss boxes

Custom lip gloss boxes – Lip glosses are a basic component of today’s makeup. To keep it subtle and natural cosmetologists introduced lip glosses that do not give a solid lip color but adds some color to the lips. Lip glosses are becoming more popular and come in different bottles and shapes. Such complex makeup product requires a standout presentation and we give the best option for that.

Custom Lip Gloss Boxes

Lip glosses give a better no makeup yet pretty lips look. For convenience carrying custom lip gloss boxes with a cute handle or strap would be loved by the audience. They stain your lips with perfect pinks and nudes in an ultra-fine manner. The product was introduced in basic plain boxes or plastic wrapping. Now, the industry has grown numerous brands are competing to stand out. The most popular brands are

  • NARS
  • ILIA

The ruthless competition among the companies demands all the tools to be utilized to bring their product to the top. With a custom packaging of lip glosses the brand would stand out. We offer custom lip gloss boxes which will make the antiquated packaging obsolete. Custom printed boxes are introduced by the packaging industry to transform the whole packaging experience.

Enchanting Style and Printing

Who would not like a custom-made lip gloss box with free graphic design support and printing? We are offering not only to create the unique print design of the box but would provide you with the best. Our creative team blends the graphics and visuals with text and creates a unique customized outlook for the product. Printing includes the description of the lip gloss with the logo. The logo can be embossed or debossed on the box to be highlighted. The use of soothing and eye-catchy colors makes the product glow and captivates the attention of more clients. A matte or glossy finish could be given to the box with the respective lamination. To make the box prominent gold and silver foil can be used. UV spot treatment and AQ coating can also be done according to the requirement of the client.

Transformable Designs and Sizes

Custom-designed lip gloss boxes can be made in any style from drawer type, clamshell-type, front tuck, and reverse tuck to a fancier lid & base type. For a luxurious presentation, the box can have a ribbon and accessories on it. Additional beautification of the box can be done with pearls, sequins, or stone embellishment. For convenience carrying a lip gloss box with a cute handle or strap would be loved by the audience. A transparent window to show the shiny lip gloss bottle and to brag the irresistible color from within the box can be made. Die-cut little windows can be innovatively designed.

Wholesale Amazing Discounts

Wholesale lip gloss packaging is provided by CustomBoxesZone and offers the companies so many benefits. Bulk buying is practiced worldwide for its universally accepted benefits. The wholesale purchase leads to reduced handling time and is energy efficient. Boxes are made with utmost care no matter how big or small the order is. We make the company assured of the deliverance of top-quality products. The company can have all these benefits at reduced or discounted prices for wholesale buying. The discounts provide the company with the opportunity to earn more profit per box.

Free Shipment Worldwide

A big challenge faced by the buyers is the tedious process of shipment which requires money and time. We offer free shipment for all our valuable customers to be tension-free from safe delivery of the products. We provide safe and reliable shipments all over the world and there are absolutely no extra charges for them. It allows the company to save money and energy. The turnaround services are fast and each of you in 4-8 working days.

Environment-Friendly Packaging

The use of plastic and other harmful material has been boycotted and being condemned. We manufacture the custom packaging with biodegradable cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated material. The material has many other benefits than being environmentally friendly. It is easy to be used and discarded and is highly durable. The boxes are safe for the ecosystem and are converted by the decomposers into the soil over a longer period. We offer affordable prices for the best quality customized lip gloss boxes.

Better Promotion of the Brand

For a brand to be recognized the thought behind its establishment counts. The customers do need appealing boxes with which they connect emotionally and feel a sense of affiliation but quality maintenance is as important. We offer customized boxes with top-notch quality manufacturing which keeps the product inside them safe from all the impurities. The box is also able to withstand extreme temperature conditions. The boxes do not collapse upon pressure exposure. This premium quality product leads to a boost in sales of the brand. The lip gloss custom-made boxes can be used as gifts or giveaways on occasions like birthdays, promotions, bridal showers, etc.

Why Choose CustomBoxesZone

We provide the boxes at the most economical prices and are the ideal choice for all the brands. The boxes we create are intriguing and are offered in the best quality. We value the customer the most. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have established a vigilant customer sales team that is working day and night to make the buying experience better. We make the client in charge of everything.


Custom lip gloss boxes come in all sizes and designs and can be altered according to the need of a brand. The boxes are crafted by CustomBoxesZone with eco-friendly material. We use cardboard, Kraft, Boxboard, or corrugated material which is highly durable and ensures the safety of the product inside. The boxes are resistant to moisture and heat. The boxes retain their original form and do not collapse and protect the lip gloss packaged inside from being damaged. For the growth of any business optimization and customization is necessary. The custom boxes are preferred and lead to the increased sales of the brand. We provide our clients with free shipping all over the world. The minimum order limit is a hundred boxes and can be custom designed by our professionals. We offer noticeable discounts on bulk purchases and quality maintenance is assured. We have made communication among buyers and manufacturers better and improved. The sound and smooth buying experience are provided to all brands.