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Tripling Season 3 Review
Tripling Season 3 Review Out(Photo Credit –Twitter)

Tripling Season 3 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo, Amol Parashar, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Kumud Mishra, Shernaz Patel & ensemble

Creator: Arunabh Kumar & Sumeet Vyas

Director: Neeraj Udhwani

Streaming On: Zee5

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

Runtime: 5 Episodes Around 30 Minutes Each!

TVF Tripling Season 3 Review
TVF Tripling Season 3 Review(Photo Credit –Still From TVF Tripling)

Tripling Season 3 Review: What’s It About:

The trio is back and this time the trouble in their life is through their parents who are only trying to live their life on their terms. The fact that their parents are getting separated brings the Tripling under one roof and begins the emotional fare.

Tripling Season 3 Review: What Works:

The core to Tripling created by the amazing TVF family was the fact that it catered to a fresh story with an unconventional dynamic where the protagonist wasn’t romantically involved or revengefully fighting. But were siblings trying to navigate through life just while unknowingly understanding the importance of their presence in each other’s lives. It struck a chord and TVF had another hit in the kitty.

Story by Arunabh Kumar & Sumeet Vyas, screenplay by Arunabh, Sumeet & Abbas Dalal, and directed by Neeraj Udhwani, Tripling Season 3 takes off like the last two seasons where all three are scattered in different parts of the country and need to come together to fight one problem. Vyas this time around probably tries to bring a sense of ‘tehrav’ (stability) to the rather chaotic lives of his protagonists. The problem is not at large in their lives directly but has come through their parents. So their parts of the story get lesser attention except for Chitvan. It also works for a good chunk because we have seen enough about Chandan and Komal.

The focus as said is parents and they are written quite beautifully. Even amid the bothering runtime and the rush, these parents with voice and choices that very much define an old couple understanding relationship in a new way is a good note to tap in. If you love someone, you don’t push yourself on them till either of you suffocates, you let them go. There is beauty in how delicately Vyas handles Kumud and Shernaz’s parts. The attempt in showing the fact that parents have a life beyond raising and listening to children is amazing.

Vyas and team try to find a pathos in the most jovial character of all and one that you least expect, Chitvan. His part of the story is were you cry, and the only time this season. He asks Baba for a hug and that very moment Nilotpal Bora’s soul-touching Patang tunes in and you see the most ‘Care Me Not’ character showing his vulnerabilities. He isn’t a biological father, but still fighting for custody, his connection with his parents is broken, and his siblings have a life and no more can give complete attention to his antiques. Personal battles are big no matter what, and through Chitvan the team explores that.

TVF Tripling Season 3 Review
TVF Tripling Season 3 Review(Photo Credit –Still From TVF Tripling)

Tripling Season 3 Review: Star Performance:

Sumeet, Amol, and Maanvi are now the siblings they play. The effortlessness with which they now approach these characters is evident and it is great to watch them understand them completely. The biggest evolution of all three is for Parashar this time and he makes sure he does that pretty well. Sumeet stays true to the part and so does Maanvi.

Kumud Mishra is always a treat and when he loses his temper, that scene does create a good impact. Shernaz Patel has a calm demeanour and everytime she graces the screen, you can only smile and welcome the feel good vibe she brings.

Tripling Season 3 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Where is the Trip in Tripling? The first two seasons were about bonds developing on the road. Be it the quest to reach Chanchal or the hunt expedition for the almost Monk Tarun, it all was chaotic but yet felt comforting to the max. It made way for sub-branches to enter and make it even more fun. Remember Gajraj Rao & Shweta Tripathi’s story? I am yet to find a replacement for the most fulfilling romantic montage on the OTT space. The third season lacks just that. The fact that there is hardly any trip, the runtime is bare minimum, and the only focus is a divorce (which honestly works), nothing else really lands well.

Also the rush that the show is in. The very limited run time leads to things rushing so fast that you have no time to observe. The attempt to bring tehrav goes waste in this. For example, Chitvan asks Chandan for a hug and he even obliges. But the show so quickly jumps the next scene that the essence gets diluted. I can only imagine what 10 seconds more zoomed into Chitvan’s vulnerable face would have done while Patang kicked-in in the background. Could have been magic! Like wise, Paula (remember Chandan’s foreign wife?) comes back and in the third scene is in his tent. So fast, no impact.

While Aman Pant’s music is good and soothing, Nilotpal Bora has set a very high standard for Tripling to outdo. No track in this season even comes close to a Patang or the terrific Ishq Ka Hafiz or Mon Chole Re.

Tripling Season 3 Review: Last Words:

Tripling stands for much more than what’s served this time. Of course I will never lose hope for a TVF Show because they know how to evolve & I hope season 4 comes in as a shining example.

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