A promo code – what is it and why do consumers need it?

Many Internet users have already become familiar with the convenience of shopping for goods and services online. And here, when filling out the usual questionnaire and the handicap for confirming the order, you are offered to enter a promotional code. What it is? Where can I get it and why is it needed at all? It is because of the fact that many Internet users are not familiar with this concept that they lose many advantages.

What is a promo code?

In fact, everything is easy and simple. A promo code is a buyer’s “business card” that allows you to get a discount on the purchased product. The promo code is presented in the form of numbers, which should be carefully rewritten in the appropriate column when placing an order.

Do not confuse the concept of a coupon and a brewdog discount code. These things have a number of differences. A coupon is an opportunity to receive a discount, which is usually in the form of a promotion, but it is not provided free of charge. A promo code is a discount or gift that the consumer is guaranteed to receive for free. This can be like a gratitude for an order or a seasonal promotion that attracts a buyer to sell the product.

Moreover, that promotional codes allow you to save on many purchases: clothes, shoes, appliances, as well as booking plane tickets and hotel rooms. The promo code does not have to be attached to your personal data, it can be shared with a friend. And also you can not use this offer at all, although discounts will not hurt anyone.

How can I get a promo code?

Quite a fair question, because to get a discount, you need to have a unique number and enter it in the required column. There is nothing difficult to obtain this code: all that is required from the user is registration on the site and subscribing to the newsletter of new offers. You will receive an email with the provision of discounts, promotions and a promotional code that will allow you to save money on your purchase.

What types of promo codes are there?

A promotional gift is a gift from an online store that the buyer is guaranteed to receive in gratitude for the order. This is the most common type used by cosmetics and clothing stores (Lamoda, KupiVip, Yves Rocher, Bonprih and many others).

A promotional code discount is an excellent offer for a product or service, which acts as a cash reward for the next product, or is presented as a percentage discount (10, 20, 30 and even 50%).

Delivery promo code – unfortunately, not all stores offer customers free shipping. Sometimes the delivery can be even more than the product itself, which is very expensive for the buyer. In return, such stores can offer a promotional code for delivery, which in toga turns out to be half the original cost, or can promise completely free delivery.