7 Tips to Get the Fastest Internet Speed Ever


These days it’s almost impossible to live without the internet. An estimated three-quarters of the United States of America are online as of 2016.

We use the internet now to work, for leisure, to collect information, and for almost everything else. This is why having access to the fastest internet speed ever is the dream of thousands of Americans.

But learning how to make your internet speed faster isn’t an easy task. That’s why we’ve written down these 7 tips to improve your internet speed.

Can you make your internet speed faster? If you read this blog and adapt its methodology, yes you can.

1. Clear Out All of Your Caches

When it comes to ways to make your internet speed faster, the first thing you can do to browse the internet faster is clear out all of your caches.

What are caches? Put simply, caches are data that’s been stored on your laptop or computer so that you can access it quickly. It’s a small amount of information that works as a shortcut to the larger swathes of data.

A good example of caches are cookies, which you need to accept to access a number of notable websites in 2021.

But caches can end up slowing your internet speed to a crawl if you don’t clear them out. Thankfully, this is a fairly simple process if you have the right information.

Use this website to clear caches on your computer and your internet speed will thank you for it later.

2. Invest in a Stronger Internet Connection

The second thing you can do to improve your internet speed will affect your wallet more than our first point.

But it’s also the most reliable way to improve your internet speeds these days. You should call your internet provider and upgrade your internet speed to higher overall bandwidth.

Doing this does however mean you’ll be paying a larger sum monthly or annually to your provider. Because of this, you should make sure it fits in your budget each month before you commit.

But for those of us who work online daily, paying more money for faster internet is a no-brainer.

3. Move Your Wireless Router

Connecting to the internet requires a router which you’ll have set up somewhere in your house.

The reality of routers means that you’ll only have fast internet if you’re close enough to the router itself. Otherwise, your device might have trouble connecting with the internet at all.

If your router is in a cupboard or otherwise obstructed, this can also affect your internet speeds.

To counteract this you should experiment by placing your router in different parts of your home.

That way, you can figure out where it has the strongest internet speeds, and you can then keep it in that location.

4. Switch to a Wired Connection

If you’re really having trouble with your router or your Wi-Fi, you can always switch to a wired connection. Wired connections are generally more reliable than wireless options.

That also means that you’ll have access to a faster, stronger connection when getting onto the internet. Many professional gamers and streamers recommend using a wired connection where possible.

This is to prevent downtime or lag when playing fast-paced games. It’s also very easy to switch to a wired connection.

All you need to do is purchase the right cables, and then link up your computer to your router or an internet device.

5. Switch Your Web Browser

A web browser is an application that you use to access the internet. The reality is that not all web browsers are created equally.

If you’re having trouble browsing the web or streaming quickly, the browser you’re using might be an issue. You should compare the performance of your current browser alongside some popular alternatives.

This way, you can evaluate whether you’re using the best browser for internet speed. If you’re not, it might be worth downloading an alternative to use in the future.

6. Install an Ad Blocker

Online advertisements can clog up your access to certain websites. It means websites take longer to load, as you’re having to process all these large images and other banners.

This then means that browsing the internet takes far longer overall.

This is even worse if adverts have been downloaded onto your computer. These can pop up at random intervals, or force you to open websites that eat into your speeds.

The best thing to do to prevent this is to install an adblocker. You can install one directly onto your web browser, which then works in the background.

This can prevent adverts from cutting into your speed in the future.

7. Switch Internet Providers Entirely to Get the Fastest Internet Speed Ever

This is perhaps a last-ditch effort. But you can switch your internet provider entirely if you’re really struggling with your internet speed.

This means you can choose an alternative provider who may be better known for stronger internet. If you’re switching, you may also be able to get access to first-time deals with certain providers.

This means you can negotiate the right kind of internet speed for you and your home. As with our above point on internet providers though, switching can mean you’re paying more money per month.

But the benefits of switching, and internet deals, can result in you actually paying less money per month for faster internet.

This is why it’s always worth reviewing current deals from internet providers. Otherwise, you might let faster internet pass you by completely by working with the wrong provider.

Where Can I Find Out More About Internet Speeds?

These are the top 7 tips to ensure you have access to the fastest internet speed ever. But there are always more questions to ask about the internet and the tech world in general.

If you still have questions, you’re already in the right place. Make sure to browse through some of the previous posts about technology and computing on our website.