6 Ways to Make Online Payment Process Easier for Customers

Recurring Payment

An online payment system is an investment towards simplifying a customer’s payment experience to boost business sales. When the customers are satisfied with a business, they are likely to return besides recommending their network about it. However, providing such an experience requires a lot of planning and thinking from your customer’s point of view to identify what they want. By streamlining their payments processes, many businesses have been able to expand their business exponentially.

Here’s a quick guide for merchants and businesses to make their online payment process hasslefree:

How to make the online payment process easier?

Let customers choose how they pay

Letting the customers choose the most suitable payment mode to make the payment reduces the chances of cart abandonment significantly. On the other hand, in a world where a range of digital payments options are available, forcing the customers to pay from a limited set of options is the worst mistake any merchant can make.

In today’s scenario, the major payment options in India are credit cards, debit cards, net banking, mobile wallets, and UPI. Having any one of these options is enough for a customer. Therefore, by supporting all payment options, businesses can reach out to more customers.

A common misconception among merchants is that it costs a lot to offer diverse payment options. The truth, however, is that it is about choosing the correct gateway. For example, Zaakpay has nominal payment gateway charges, yet it offers more than 100 payment options.

Provide the option to checkout as a guest

Having the facility of guest checkout is another way to make the process effortless, boosting customer turnover. The logic behind this is that customers look at the registration process as a roadblock. Typing the email address, creating a password, and filling up other details is time-consuming and annoying to a user. It also raises significant security concerns if the business is relatively new. A compulsory registration requirement before the payment fuels cart abandonment more than anything else.

Allowing guest checkouts is a simple way to deal with this problem. With no registration required, customers have to place the order, enter the online payment system’s details, and complete the transaction. All this takes hardly five minutes, and it’s a great way to gain profits from impulse purchases.

Provide details of the security features

Addressing customer concerns proactively even before they are raised shows how much the business cares about them and is an excellent way to win credibility. For example, merchants must list all the security seals supported by their gateway on the gateway page. This simple act instils in the customers that their payment information is in safe hands.

Common seals that businesses must mandatorily consider are PCI DSS regulations and SSL encryption. Not only are these names that customers are familiar with, but they also provide unparalleled protection to their data in the backend.

It is again a common myth that PCI DSS compliance comes at a premium. On the contrary, even at affordable payment gateway charges for small businesses, Zaakpay complies with all required international security compliances.

Provide Round the clock customer service

Even though making an online payment is relatively straightforward, situations arise when expert assistance is necessary. The most common example of such a situation can be a transaction failure. It is also difficult to say when such assistance would be suddenly required. Having a customer email support system that is open 24/7 and prompt in their response makes the payment process easier for the customers by solving any difficulties instantaneously. Zaakpay, for example, provides such a service. It can be used by both the merchants and the customers alike. Customers of merchants using Zaakpay as a payment solution are free to call them for any assistance related to payments.

Provide a smooth user experience

User experience is a broad term to discuss. In general, an online payment system should be designed to provide a frictionless experience. For starters, the interface should be lucid and easy to navigate with clear call-to-action buttons. The customer should be able to decide where to click next with a quick response time. A gateway that lags and keeps showing a loading animation to the customer can be frustrating and hamper the shopping experience.

Zaakpay provides a great emphasis on this with its seamless interface, quick response time, and fewer redirections. Additionally, Zaakpay allows the merchants to customize the gateway page according to the business’s brand guidelines to enhance the payment experience.

Have maximum system uptime

Another thing to keep in mind to ease the online payment process is the reliability of transactions. Providing the customers with a high payment success rate is crucial. They should be able to trust the payment system to carry on the transaction efficiently. Merchants must not consider having customer support to be a compensation for low system uptime. The target should be to have more than 95% uptime. Zaakpay, for that matter, has a 99.9% uptime.


Zaakpay is an active payment gateway service attempting to redefine the experience that customers have when paying online. In its association with several businesses, Zaakpay payment gateways have successfully implemented features that make the online payment process more accessible at affordable payment gateway charges.