6 Techniques to Discipline a Foster/Adopted Child

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As an adoptive or foster parent, you are usually put in a position where you have to manage challenging behavior. Especially when you adopt a child through international adoption agencies in Georgia. No matter how hard the situation gets, you are not allowed to apply corporal punishments. Here are some techniques that are suggested by all international adoption agencies to discipline the kids you adopted from other countries.


Aggressive behavior is typical to expect when you are adopting a child in Georgia. And, this technique will come in handy to handle the child’s inadmissible behavior. For instance, if they are misbehaving and disturbing their siblings, you can redirect their attention to other tasks. It can be either be engaging them in activities with you or sending them to another room to do their errands.

Avoid the Behavior

It is the toughest discipline for any parent. You have to face difficult behavior more often with teenage kids you adopted in Georgia. However, make sure you aren’t ignoring a life-threatening or dangerous behavior. If they are not causing harm to themselves or the people around them, you can effectively use the tactics. For instance, if they are refusing to pick their socks or not flushing the toilet out of despite, it is better to let go and ignore the behavior.


It is the oldest parenting tip to discipline the kids. It involves placing the child in a corner seat or another room for a certain time. This time can be determined by adding one to their age. However, as the adoption kids are more sensitive, make sure to consult the child’s therapist before using this method. If they don’t recommend it, choose some other tactic.


When you take in the child from the best adoption agencies in Georgia, they tend to make you work for your last shred of sanity. Therefore, for this technique to work, make sure you are not stressed. This method entails asking your kid to stand with you or help you with the chores for few minutes. Or, until they are calmed down.

Consult Professionals

Some behavioral issues are harder to handle for a parent. In this case, make sure to set up sessions every week with a therapist. The professionals will help the child to overcome the trauma they faced previously. This method has proven itself to be highly effective, especially for troubled teenagers.

The adoption agencies or attorneys like Tom Tebeau usually makes the recommendations about these professional. So, you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable option.

Arrange Weekly Family Meetings

Having such meetings on weekly basis can help a lot to control the unreasonable behavior of adopted children. Make sure while doing so, you give everyone a chance to speak up and share their point of view. Also, try to be positive with the kids and don’t allow siblings to attack each other. It is an effective way to understand what the adopted child is thinking, while also allowing them to get aware of the house culture.

These are some of the tips that international adoption agencies in Georgia recommend every foster/adoptive parent follow in order to discipline the children.