5 Unique Customized Product Ideas Perfect for Marketing


You’ve designed the perfect logo for your business. Now it’s time to show it off. What better way to do it than creating a customized product line to promote your business?

There are many ways to market your business both online and in person. On average, a person needs to see your logo 5 to 7 times to become memorable. Customized promotional products are a tool with proven success.

Here, we’ll give five unique product ideas perfect for getting your brand in front of consumers. Keep reading to learn more.

1. UV Sanitizing Box and Wireless Charger Customized Product

We continue to navigate life in a world where COVID still exists, and new strains continue to surface. A UV sanitizing box with a wireless charger is a perfect promotional idea. Users can quickly sanitize masks and other items using the stylish box.

Plus, they always have a charger accessible when the phone’s battery runs low.

You can easily add your logo using in-line embossing and debossing dies. The process will give your marketing product a high-end look.

2. Eco-friendly Tote Bags

Promotional product ideas have grown as the world moves towards a more eco-friendly environment. Grocery retailers are encouraging shoppers to bring tote bags for their groceries. Tote bags for grocery shopping are fantastic for displaying your logo.

These customized promotional products can get seen by hundreds of people. The bags range in size and have many uses.

3. Smart Bottles

Out with the traditional plastic water bottle and in with the new Smart beverage drinkware. Technology can enhance almost every experience. Smart bottles allow users to measure intake and check beverage temperatures.

Some Smart bottles even come with Bluetooth capabilities and charging ports.

4. Clothing Apparel

You can rarely go wrong when choosing clothing apparel as promotional product ideas. You can stick with a simple t-shirt with your logger or follow the crowd with a unique custom design.

If you want to get your logo noticed, create pieces people will wear over and over again. Experiment with colors and lines. Move from t-shirts to hoodies.

You can also place your logo on socks, shorts, hats, and bandanas. Understand your customer base and cater to their fashion sense.

5. Snack Bag

Everyone loves snacks. Southwest Airlines is famous for its branded packaged peanuts and pretzels. You, too, can create unique promotional products using food.

Choose a food item such as candy, popcorn, or bottled water. Make the item readily available. You can place them in customers’ bags or display them near the check-out counter.

Over time, the promotional item will become a part of the business experience.

What Promotional Idea Will You Choose?

When choosing customized product ideas, always consider your audience. High-end products are more suitable for employees and clients. When giving away items to the general public, choose cost-effective items people will use.

We hope you found this article helpful, and it has you thinking about how to make promotional products a part of your brand strategy. Please keep browsing our website for more great business content.