5 Fun and Unique Bucket List Ideas


Did you know that according to a recent survey, 27% of people who have a bucket list say that one of their top items is to change someone’s life for the better? Others want to see some of the natural wonders of the world or travel to an exotic location. Thanks to an old buddy movie about the subject, more people than ever are making bucket lists.

Life is about the experiences you have, and the people you have them with. Are you thinking about trying out some new ones before it’s too late? Check out these unique bucket list ideas for inspiration.

1. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon

Kick off your list with an exhilarating trip or two in hot air balloons. The beauty of this item is that you can do it close to home, or travel to a faraway location. You can combine it with some of your other bucket list ideas, like taking a hot air balloon trip over the ruins of a temple or other exotic site.

2. Plan a Themed Road Trip

Many people have always dreamed about going on a road trip before they die, whether it’s a simple weekend away, or an epic jaunt. Make it even more special by picking a theme for the journey. For example, you could stop at all the major national parks, or pick a culinary theme to guide your trip.

3. Make a Pilgrimage

For some folks, making a religious or spiritual pilgrimage is at the top of their list. There are so many options, from visiting holy sites to going on a spiritual retreat. Or go literally make a walking pilgrimage on one of the many spots around the world that encourage it.

4. Try a New Hobby

Do you regret never learning how to play the piano, or learning how to paint? Then you might want to include a new hobby on your bucket list. Think back to some of the things you wanted to do as a kid, or fulfill a lifelong wish to acquire a new skill that you can use that will bring you joy daily.

5. Unique Bucket List Ideas for Couples

Finally, if you want to share your bucket list with your partner, you can make a couple’s bucket list. Plan a round-the-world trip together with all the destinations you’ve ever wanted to see. Or pick an activity like sky-diving, para-gliding, or other sports to experience as a team.

Ready To Make a List?

Now that you’ve read about some unique bucket list ideas, you can create your own special list. Remember, a bucket list is a personal project that is a summary of your wishes. No matter what you choose, make sure it reflects your values and hopes and not someone else’s!

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