4 Ways Animation Videos Boost Brand Growth


Kids aren’t the only ones spellbound by animation. Businesses are also waking up to the fact that animated videos hold the key to customer loyalty and brand growth.

Most people prefer video marketing to text. Not least because the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than written data. That said, by combining striking yet simple graphics with congruent verbal information, animation videos top the charts when it comes to catching our attention.

But how, exactly, do animated videos increase brand growth? Let’s take a look!

1. Increase Brand Awareness

In the same way that pictorial logos offer an instant link to a brand, animated video marketing can help boost brand recognizability and awareness. As such, hiring an animator via https://freeup.net/hire/animator/ to produce a fun and well-designed animation video for your brand is one of the easiest ways to appeal to modern customers and attract a broader audience.

You could even highlight your brand identity and uniqueness through your animations as a new way of building awareness across different platforms. This could involve using your company colors, animated versions of your logo, or videos demonstrating your mottos.

2. Grow Customer Engagement

Modern customers have seen it all before when it comes to obvious advertising tactics. But, one of the biggest benefits of using animation videos is that customers perceive them as entertainment rather than advertising.

What’s more, thanks to how shareable they are, animated videos often go viral on social media and other platforms. They are fun yet powerful, making them a very effective tool for customer engagement.

3. Build Brand Loyalty

Animated videos are fun and creative, allowing you to showcase your brand as human and relatable. In turn, this will evoke an organic kind of brand loyalty in your customers that doesn’t come from pressurized sales tactics.

Offering your customers entertaining and memorable impressions via animated videos encourages them to see your brand, products, and services in the same way. Without being “salesy”, animated videos hold the power to trigger more sales by creating an image of a brand that is trustworthy and caring.

4. Help Communicate Complex Ideas

Does your brand deal with complicated ideas or products? Challenging text descriptions and flat images won’t inspire your customers to find out more. Animated videos, however, can offer your customers a new perspective on your brand image, product essence, and ideals.

Animated videos allow you to break down complex information into short and easy-to-understand scenarios. From explaining how to use certain products to presenting your brand mission, there’s no better way to engage and enlighten your customers than with an animation video.

Boost Brand Growth With Animation Videos

Their compelling and entertaining nature makes animation videos a great way to boost brand growth.

Animated video marketing shows your brand in a new and exciting light. It also encourages organic brand loyalty and customer engagement. And, animated videos can even help you communicate complex ideas to your customers.

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