10 ways to improve your B2B sales prospecting


The B2B business first and foremost step is to find the correct prospects which become their potential customers. It includes creating a list of prospects/ potential customers contact information mainly, email,  and communicate with them to ensure that they become their loyal customers for sales. 

The main strategy used is asking for referrals, endorsing the brand at events, emailing,  consistently searching for a buyer whose requirements meet your profile, budget and is interested in buying from you.  These strategies though fail at times. Creating a potential prospect is not that easy task. The competition is tougher and requires a lot of time.

Though one has to put up with the competitors and earn better revenue, potential customers by some extra efforts.

Always invest in the right technology

With the availability and advancement of technology has taken place. The sources of b2b prospecting database websites  have developed invariant numbers. Some can give you better information others can waste your money and time. Develop a strategy, always have a plan and invest in sales prospecting tools for the specific need. Do not switch to be very focused and sacred about this. Use tools for what it is built and not for how it will benefit you and replace the use of other tools requirement. The examples of such tools are,

  • Sales enablement
  • Auto dialers
  • Lead management
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales performance
  • Social selling

Uses the best sales practices of Cold Calling

It may seem awkward but the b2b sales prospects require your effort. The most effective way with 78% of the result provided to many B2B businesses is cold calling and cold emailing. But before you put this strategy be very careful about

  • Doing a complete research about the customer you are targeting on.
  • Your impression should be commendable. Speak to them as you are building a relationship but also selling your product.
  • Your approach has to be in the short term and long term goals.
  • Ask them for a demo or email verification.
  • Build a contact and then begin your b2b sales process.

Consistent work/ Follow-ups

Divide your team into different segments and set goals of a day, week, and month. A potential customer search is not easy. The sales process or the pipeline funnel also has to keep in mind. Every customer has to approach and the feedback has to be taken. Do not give up on days that have no prospects being made. Keep calling, sending,  checking on social media platforms about the customers you are approaching.establish a process and method of getting a track on how are the customers reacting. And how much are they being approached?


Build an ideal customer profile

Track the research if by any chance you missed an of finding about the customer persona. If their need matches with what you offer. After setting a market target it is important to know who is to be approached and how. ICP generation gives direction to your sales and marketing team of identifying and categorizing potential customers. The right prospects a strategy has to be used in ICP  generation. 96% of companies exceed because of the right prospect search and matching their needs. The work can be lessened if the b2b sales prospecting first step is done properly.

Ask the question’ why’ when they leave

The customers may want to unsubscribe from your feed, email,  other contact-generating. It is okay. But you need to ask why? Give them three-four questions to answer. It should provide you feedback and try to overcome that loophole. It will be a learning experience. Give them the option of not yet,  later or the ask about their preferences they were not able to find.

Build relationship

The creation of prospects is about creating relationships as to the current of the future customer. The sales is or they have subscribed to your notification. Do not leave them or take them for granted. Keep posting them about future offers. When they say ‘NO’  ask them about the reason to them options which keeps them engaged as in notify me later, subscribe for updates, so on.

Conduct webinars and Q&A sessions for sales

Always engage with your customers and keep it entertaining. The old method but works. Anyone who has an interest in the topic will come for the webinars and have fun segments and give your brand story, vision and be ready to answer a few questions. You can play the video every now and then for the people who missed out. The customers attending will be the ones interested in your product. You can approach them ASAP.

Social media sales

The world has prompted everyone to be digital. We have different platforms and channels for different niches. The first segment is shortlisted. You need to approach the niche channel or platform which you think fits your buyer of the product and can turn into future prospects. Conduct giveaways. Those who didn’t win ask them via email if they want the product or service at a discount or if they wish to avail of any other order. You will see many approaching for the same. Collaborate with influencers and conduct contests as well for more engagement of people who are interested will join.


The sales prospecting requires reach. Engage with people who can help you give a referral of people who could be interest of help endorse the brand. When you provide a service ask for a, chances are there will be more people in their contact who are interested. It also is a step towards nurturing the relationship. It can give your good reputation. Use b2b sales prospecting tools to get access to the contact information of the potential prospects in order to build contact and urge them for referrals.

Conferences/ Events

Be active, participate, endorse your brand at different events. Start small and find the perfect persona for your product who will avail of the service. Always be aware of the guest list, other brands joining and the reputation of the conference you are attending has to be also kept in mind.

Sales prospects is as easy as it sounds. The competition is great. Follow the funnel and pipeline methods. Do not be afraid of the experiments or switching off the strategy if it doesn’t work. Once you have mastered the engagement and filled the potential customer list to build a relationship and reaching out to more people. Appreciate the rejection and ask for suggestion t grow.