10 Attractive Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing


Nearly 48 percent of adults in the US get their news updates from social media sites. 31 percent rely on Facebook to get news, while 22 percent resort to YouTube as an alternative source. Moreover, Twitter is also a reliable news source for 13 percent, while Instagram trails at 11 percent.

Advertising your brand or startup through various social media channels means you can access these consumers. However, your campaigns will only realize a positive ROI if you leverage captivating content ideas for social media marketing.

So, how do you leverage content marketing in social media? Which ideas will connect you with the right target audience? Find out more here.

1. Share Photos of Consumers Wearing Your Brand

It’s hard for a consumer to buy products or services through social media ads unless they trust the brand. One sure way of fostering this trust is by encouraging happy clients to share their photos with you while rocking your brand.

The more happy client photos you share, the more your brand builds trust. A unique follower will want to try the product, simply because they see happy faces behind it.

2. Repost the Customer’s Content if They Talk About Your Product

The good thing with a happy customer is that you don’t have to request them to talk about your product. They’ll do it anyway and go ahead to post on social media. If they tag you, don’t let the posts slide without you reposting them.

The more reposts you make, the better your audience reach, especially among mutual friends. Check out this complete guide to understand how intuitive content marketing influences lead generation in social media.

3. Who Is Behind the Business?

Maybe you should take a break from posting sales and marketing campaigns. Your target audience has probably come across hundreds of ads before stumbling into yours. How about you give them something different, like an introduction to the company staff?

Consumers want to know the faces behind a brand. You can make a short clip highlighting managerial staff in their daily routines. Remember, consumers are skeptical and would appreciate more if they hear from the people making decisions about the brand.

Ensure that everyone brings out their true personality in the video because that’s where the catch is. First-time impression!

4. Post Behind the Scenes Videos

What’s the process of preparing your products before presenting them to the consumer? If you’re a service provider, how many appointments do you attend in a day to meet client needs? A snippet into these activities can make awesome content to complement social media strategy.

Post a short clip detailing how you outsource produce before refining them into end products. If you’re a real estate agent, give your target audience a tour into your daily activities. All this content is fun to watch and will arouse more conversation on your page.

5. Motivational Story (Personal)

If your business is on the right trajectory to success, it didn’t come overnight. Your ideal target audience is waiting to hear this story. In fact, most of your followers are probably going through difficult moments in life, whether academically, financially, or business-wise.

Sharing a motivation story with social media users allows you to connect with prospective leads emotionally. This will make them hit the follow button or turn on the notification bell if they are already loyal followers. Most importantly, they’ll feel like you can fit in their shoes.

6. Content Ideas for Social Media Marketing that Enhance Engagement

The average consumer in a social channel wants to interact with engaging content. Moreover, more comments beneath your post mean the content will reach many people as it triggers curiosity among other social media users.

You can start by posting general questions. Today, consumers spend 50.1 percent of the time they use their smartphones on social media. So, you’ll never miss a unique user who is curious to answer any intriguing questions that pop up in their timeline.

Alternatively, you can run a poll about your products. Most people will participate in the poll and engage more in the comments when you release the final results. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook already have features for running in-platform polls.

7. Share Your Favorite Quotes

Do you love reading? You probably come across many quotes that would fascinate anyone if they hear them for the first time. Unique quotes will earn you more likes, shares, and retweets if you engage your target audience through Twitter.

Moreover, it will encourage other users to stay alert on your posts. Any consumer would love to be the first one to comment or share the post. You can even announce giveaways for the first ten people to share your posts.

8. Do You Have New Products Coming Out Soon?

Teasing videos and photos of your upcoming products can stimulate sales when they finally come out. Create a short video highlighting the upgraded features in the new product and post it in the social channel with the most traffic, say YouTube.

Then, you can share the link across other channels too. However, ensure that the content triggers anticipation. For instance, you can reveal that the first 20 people to book the product will get a certain discount.

9. Share Client Testimonials

Surprisingly, customers tend to trust their fellow consumers more than sales representatives. Thus, client testimonials can make excellent content ideas for social media marketing. This content builds trust and encourages more people to try your product/ service.

To cut costs, you can ask happy clients to make videos at home and share them with you for posting on your social channel.

10. “How to” Content

Some products or services are complimentary. Consumers must use them alongside other products, such as yours to enhance their experience. In that case, they would want to learn more about using such products.

Create “how-to” videos with out-of-the-box tips and share them with your audience. Followers will start seeing your page as a resource center instead of just a sales funnel. That means they won’t miss promotional messages either when they visit the page.

Build a Strong Social Media Strategy for Marketing

These content ideas for social media marketing will help you get started. Don’t be afraid to spin your content towards being personal because that’s what consumers want to see.

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