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Home Automobiles Porsche EV Battery Cell: Plan to launch Factory in Southern Germany

Porsche EV Battery Cell: Plan to launch Factory in Southern Germany

Under E mobility Drive, VW Company Porsche AG is planning to set up EV Battery Cell manufacturing into Germany for its electric vehicles, explained by Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. Currently company is relying totally on Asia for its battery supplies, and now willing to reduce its dependency on abroad but would like to setup its own manufacturing just because to meet tougher environmental rules in the European Union.

According to Oliver Blume “Battery cells are a key technology for Germany’s automobile industry which we must also have in our own country,” adding to have factory in Swabian town of Tuebingen as Porsche wants to play a pioneering role in battery manufacturing as well.

Under this plan, Porsche will buy its EV battery from VW parent unit, where Volkswagen is planning to set up its more than 12 units around different location in Europe, in which company will make some additional infrastructure to meet the demand globally for EV.

“But there will also be a segment for high-performance battery cells,” Blume said. “It’s a Porsche domain. Just as we developed high-performance internal combustion engines, we now want to be at the forefront of high-performance batteries.”

Source: ET

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